cPherson is shipping off 170 quilts they’ve made this year to those affected by disasters around the world — 10 more than they sent off last year.

“Maybe we can do 200 to 300 next year,” laughed Shirley Morris, coordinator of the group, TOTO LOVE.

TOTO LOVE’s mission is enveloped in their name: TOTO, meaning “to others, through others” and “LOVE” to represent the love given and received by volunteers through God.

Volunteers come to the building with their hands ready for a long day’s work, to make new friends, and to make someone forever thankful.

“It’s good Christian fellowship,” Morris said. “Most of these women are from different churches and different organizations that just like to come out and do something good for someone else.”

The nonprofit group meets at 9 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at their location at 1011 W. Kansas Ave. in McPherson.

The quilts are sent to those in need through Lutheran World Relief and the materials for the quilts are all donated to TOTO LOVE.

“They seem to be happy with whatever they get because they don’t have anything,” Morris said.

Each quilt costs about $5 to make because of the large volume of donated materials. TOTO LOVE is currently accepting donations of batting, fabric or sheets, new or gently used bed pillows for dog beds and new or used Christmas cards.

Not only does the group work on quilts for those in need, but they also make military quilts, dog beds for service dogs and Christmas cards.

Quilters work on the Christmas cards year-round, and they send around 4,000 to Fort Riley in Manhattan, Kansas before Christmas.

The group has an average of 18 to 20 volunteers, but they are always looking for more.

Next week, the quilts will be shipped off by volunteers to Salina, and then will be distributed to Minneapolis, Minnesota, and can end up all over the world.

"These people are very kind, I appreciate them helping with this project," Morris said.

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