LINDSBORG — Ever since she was a little girl, Melanie Falcon has loved baton twirling. Now, she is sharing her passion with her own class.

“I always knew it was going to be something I would want to teach,” she said.

Melanie's Magic Twirling class is offered to girls between the ages of four and 12. Her class size can range from six to 10 students, depending on the age group.

The class meets once a week for 45 minutes Tuesday evenings at the Trinity United Methodist Church in Lindsborg and again in the afternoon on Sundays at the Ellsworth Elementary school in Ellsworth.

Cost is $30 and students are required to have a baton and competition attire, which includes tights costume and jazz shoes. The class covers warming up, stretching, twirling and learning routines.

Falcon said that students enjoy classes because she incorporates music with her dances, along with the difficulty of twirling the baton at the same time.

Falcon originally started her class when she was in high school in Belleville in 1998.

Falcon took a few years off from coaching while she was in college, and started back up again in Wilson in 2007.

"Last year, Shannon Stark started teaching twirling at Bethany College, but has since moved to Clay Center. Many of her students loved the class so much that they wanted to continue twirling, so I decided to start up classes in Lindsborg," she said.

While the class is primarily for fun, she also teaches a competition routine that they perform at area contests.

"I have a few students who take individual lessons and they compete at larger contests in the central region of the U.S. like Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, as well as national competitions,” Falcon said. “Last year, we went to Wisconsin and this year’s nationals is in Florida,”

For more information, visit their Facebook page, “Melanie’s Magic Twirling” or email

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