LINDSBORG — The Swedish Crown has completed recent renovations to the restaurant.

Owner Roy Applequist wanted to renovate the front dining area when he first purchased the building and business in 2016. He wanted to give the dining area more of a Swedish feel, so it was a special place where everyone wanted to sit.

The restaurant now displays wooden beans and ironwork Applequist designed himself.

"It makes a major statement when you walk in the door," said Shana Everhart, chef and general manager of the restaurant.

Other additions include new lighting, more booths and window seating to enhance the coziness the restaurant offers. The buffet area was shifted into the main restaurant space, allowing for more seating near the front windows.

Another addition Everhart loves is the traditional Kurbit painting by Carla Wilson.

"It makes you feel like you are in Europe," Everhart laughed.

She said customers are loving the new renovations and although the restaurant was in good condition before, she said the renovations take the restaurant to another level.

Since renovations, she explained they have improved the style as well as function of the restaurant.

"Lindsborg is so blessed for the investment the Applequists have made to the restaurant and our community," Everhart said.

For more information, call The Swedish Crown at 785-227-8422 or visit their website at 

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