The rumors are true — McPherson Community Theater’s fall show opens Oct. 13.

The two-weekend run of Neil Simon’s “Rumors” embraces the ridiculousness of a distorted truth, and the hilarity that ensues.

Four couples come to celebrate the tenth wedding anniversary of Charlie and Myra Brock, but something is amiss when the first couple arrives. They then have to decide if they should keep the truth under wraps, or tell the second couple an even more outlandish truth.

The show is rated PG-13 for adult conversation and the use of profanity during extenuating circumstances.

“I would probably call the show a ‘comedy of errors’ as the characters make a lot of errors. It's a really hilarious telling about a group of people from New York who arrive at a friends house for their an anniversary party, only to find that the wife is missing and the husband is...incapacitated,” laughed Skye Colaw, co-director of the show.

Colaw is partnering with Mary Hughes on directing the production, a familiar format to MCT, while Hughes also appears onstage.

“We've actually had a co-director before when Renae Parr worked with Mary on "The Game's Afoot". I really couldn't have asked for a better partner and leader than Mary,” Colaw said. “We are constantly bouncing ideas off of each other and I am continually learning from her example. I think it would be great to use this directing format in the future as it really opens up opportunities to have more people in the community involved.”

With a comedic premise in hand, the actors approached their roles with the same thing in mind — development. The result is a cast of characters with backstories and motivations that all feed into the plot.

“Every single actor has put extensive detail into their interpretation of the characters and their past. This is a comedy show, and the actors have wielded the backstories of their characters to really increase the laughs,” Colaw said. “There are so many moments that really stand out, and a lot of them are just simple lines that the actors say in such a way that just crack me up every time. I'm really excited to see the audience's reaction to all those moments.”

Performances will be at 7 p.m. Oct. 13, 14, 20 and 21 and at 2 p.m. Oct 22 at the McPherson Opera House, 219 S. Main St. in McPherson. Tickets are $16 for adults and $13 for students and seniors and can be reserved online at http;// or by calling the opera house box office at 620-241-1952.

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