Trinity Lutheran Church hosted the 30th Annual Convention of the Central State Synodical Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America Sept. 29 through Oct. 1.

Nearly 100 women from all over Kansas and Missouri attended the gathering.

In celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the theme of the convention was “What Would Katie Do?” focusing on the life of Katherine von Bora, Martin Luther’s wife.

Katie was a nun that fled the convent with 13 other sisters to follow Martin Luther. Katie was many things – she was a wife to Martin, the mother of 6 children, a gardener, a hostess to students that lived with her and Martin and a beer brewer.

Friday night, the convention began with welcome from Mayor Tom Brown, a worship service and ended with a visit from “Martin and Katie,” portrayed by Pastor Tim Leaf and Kim Frederking who led the group in Katie trivia and beer tasting with Three Rings Brewery. Brian Smith of Three Rings Brewery is directly descended from Berend Bauer, the man that brewed beer for Martin and Katie Luther’s wedding.

Other activities of the convention included worship services with the Rev. Susan Candea, Bishop’s Associate of the Central States Synod, workshops presented by Chris Whittaker and Kelli Dossett of McPherson and Lisa Plorin, president of the Church-wide Women of the ELCA and a business meeting.

Members of Trinity Lutheran who served on the planning committee for the convention were: Kathy Regehr, convention chair, Bernita Richards and Jean Rowland, registrars, Mary Ann Conyers, programming and Chris Wiens, local events with special assistance from Donna Swenson and Glee Nelson.

The 31st Annual Convention will be held in July, 2018 at Windmere Conference Center in Roach, Missouri.