How many books before kindergarten?

The library staff are quite excited about our new 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program. It’s a great way to get children and their families excited about books and reading. At first glance, that goal of reading 1,000 books seems daunting; however, if you read just one book a night for three years, well you’re easily past the four digit mark. And if there’s a favorite book that your child requests on multiple occasions, each time you read it counts toward the total.

We’ve had a great response already from families signing up for this new program, and I hope that, if you have a child in that age range, you will join them.

Two favorites

With all the new books and DVDs appearing on the library shelves, it’s difficult to select favorites – but this month, I will note these two captivating titles. Dronescapes is, as you no doubt guessed, a book containing photographs taken by drones. There’s a wide variety of images (including wedding photography) and they’re really fascinating. And each photo includes the exact latitude, longitude, and altitude at which it was taken.

Whenever we watch a movie or documentary, a large part of the success of the film is determined by something about which we may not be consciously aware: the musical score. In the new documentary Score, the producers take the viewer behind the scenes of the high-pressure world of writing, producing, and editing a soundtrack. It will definitely change how you watch (and listen to) movies.

A quite, well-lighted place

It’s been a month since we started our new Turn Up the Quiet program, where we allow cell phone conversations only in the lobbies and have created a special quiet zone in the west part of the library. I’m happy to report that we’ve had an overwhelmingly positive reaction from patrons about the changes. There aren’t many places in town where you can depend on finding some peace and quiet, and the library should be first on the list.


The McPherson Public Library Genealogy Index now has over 40,000 names in the database. Initiated several years ago by Jennie Hall, our Head of Adult Services, the index included obituaries. Now it has expanded to include a wealth of other biographical information. It is an exceptional resource and is the product of an ongoing effort by our adult services staff. To give it a try, visit