The club opened their 2017-18 year with a luncheon on Oct. 10 in the Alumni Room on Central Christian College Campus. Hostesses Pam Shoemaker and Veneta Ediger decorated the tables with orange and green pumpkins, fall leaves and nuts. Roll call was answered by naming your favorite musical.

Alma Nigh announced the plaque acknowledging Ladies Reading Circle’s establishing the first McPherson Public Library is on the north wall of the second floor of the Courthouse. This happened in 1902 when Ladies Reading Circle was six year old.

The program, presented by Carla Barber, provided clues for a game of “Name that Song and the Musical or Movie” it was from. A tea for members will be held on Oct. 15 at Carla Barbers home for those who have made reservations. The next meeting will by Nov. 14 in the Alumni Room on Central Christian College campus.