LINDSBORG — A few Lindsborg residents are working hard toward creating a new dog park in their area.

Danyel Patterson is one of many volunteers involved in the fundraising efforts. The team is hoping to raise around $35,000 and is applying for grants and collecting donations.

"We are trying to raise money to build a dog park here in Lindsborg, and also to promote the new dog park," Patterson said.

Lindsborg City Council members first discussed the idea in 2014, but it fell to the wayside until a group of dog park enthusiasts reawoke the conversation by connecting on Facebook. Much to their surprise, they were all working to a common goal, so they joined with progress already made by the city in June 2016.

The dog park will be established in the 400 block of East McPherson Street, between the recycling center and the Valkommen Trail.

Patterson and volunteers are wanting a dog park as a place for their canine friends and owners to enjoy time together.

"It is also a safe environment for owners to bring their dogs out to run. Not everyone has a large fenced in yard, allowing for exercise and fun," she explained.

At a bake sale on Oct. 13, The Dog Park Team raised over $201 to go toward the dog park. The team is hosting another fundraiser called K9 Spooktacular Costume Contest at 6:30 on Oct. 28 at the Bethany Home Activity Room in Lindsborg. Cost is $5 and proceeds will go toward the park.

The dog park has been a success so far with the help of the city. The city has provided land, running water and basic maintenance.

“It is all just a process and hopefully it will all come together once the new year gets here, but we need to raise a lot of money,” Patterson added.

Plans for the dog park include fencing, mutt mitts, trash cans, benches and access to water. Construction of the park is set to start in 2018 and the city of Lindsborg has budgeted $7,000 for the project.

The dog park location will require five- or six-foot-high fencing, which will include buffer zones for entering and exiting and a dividing fence for different breeds or temperaments.

"We hope in the future to add some agility and playground equipment and some landscaping to keep it looking beautiful like the rest of the parks in our town," Patterson noted.

For more information, contact the Lindsborg Dog Park Team on their Facebook page.

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