For over 40 years now, battenfeld-cincinnati has provided McPherson with top quality products. Although battenfeld-cincinnati is international, the extrusion technology company has benefitted the McPherson community in many ways.

It serves Viega, North American Specialty Products, CertainTeed, as well as Kansas Ethanol in Lyons.

battenfeld-cincinnati USA, based in McPherson, was established in 1977. With some 60 employees, it supplies extruders and extrusion dies adapted to the American market and designs and services complete PO and PVC pipe and profile extrusion lines.

Since the beginning, the company has grown a great deal at the U.S. location in McPherson, said Paul Godwin, president and CEO of battenfeld-cincinnati.

"It has been consistent business during those 40 years with peaks and valleys throughout, but generally very consistent growth year over year," he said.

The company was originally established by a group of European investors and Austrian engineers in McPherson, which were known as American Maplan Corporation in 1977, which later became the North American market leader in extrusion lines and twin screw geometrics for pipe, profile and siding by 1995.

"Then subsequently, we were acquired from a group in Germany, the battenfeld group, and thats how we became a part of the battenfeld group. Through ownership changes and acquisitions, we became the battenfeld-cincinnati, so now we're a part of that whole family," Godwin said.

Over the 17 years he’s spent with the company, Godwin is excited to lead them into a new journey.

"For me its quite interesting to be in a company that has that kind of legacy," he said. "We continue to strive to make sure that we are offering the highest degree of technology and technical support for our customers thats our number one focus is to be our technical partners for customers."

For more information, contact battenfeld-cincinnati at 620-241-6843 or visit their website at

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