A local family physician is part of the movement focused on caring for patients like family, all while saving them money.

Dr. Andrea Herrera of Great Plains Family Medicine, 400 W. First St. in McPherson, is focused on serving her patients with top-quality, personal care she wishes to bring back to the industry.

"Our big goal is to deliver affordable health care, but we also try to make things more personable, we don't take as many patients as the average doctor," Herrera explained. "We take about 600 patients. We keep our numbers lower — that way we can know our patients better and spend more time with them."

For those who don't have insurance, she instead offers services for a monthly membership fee. She is the only provider in McPherson using this format.

“Insurance doesn’t necessarily equal care, it’s pricey,” Herrera said.

Her membership fee comes with many benefits such as unlimited access to Herrera by using technology, extended relaxed visits, same day and next-day scheduling, house calls, annual physicals, diagnostic and procedural benefits at no extra costs and wholesale labs and medication costs.

Costs of the monthly fees are per person and by the age of her patient.

Adults 19 through 44 years old are $50 a month, adults 45 through 64 years old are $74 a month and adults 65 years and older are $100 a month. Children ages 0 through 18 are $10 a month with one adult membership, children 0 through 18 years old $25 a month without one adult membership.

With Herrera's monthly membership fee, she could save patients hundreds of dollars.

"It all depends on their insurance, what the details are with the insurance such as co-pays, deductibles, all kind of out-of-pocket expenses," she explained.

Her membership also extends to small businesses who may not be able to afford insurance for their employees.

"This type of practice can be very convenient for them, they can pay for employees membership fees instead of providing for them, so thats their employees health care insurance,” Herrera said.

Along with those benefits, Herrera has a her own pharmacy to aid her patients as well.

"If there's something I think they need or we carry in our pharmacy, I can get it cheaper than what they could get it at a retail pharmacy," she said. "We buy directly from a wholesaler and then our markup is 10 percent, so we can pass those savings onto people."

Her favorite part of her job is helping people afford great and personable health care.

"I love seeing people's faces when I tell them the cost of services we offer," she said.

Another part of her job she loves is being able to communicate with her patients other than just seeing them in the office.

"Because we don't deal with insurance and their rules, I can communicate with patients. Traditional medical doctors get paid when you're in a chair in front of them. We have people come in, we can text, email, video chat, I do house calls if necessary, we have freedom to deliver care thats more convenient for people," she said.

For more information, call Great Plains Family Medicine at 620-504-6002 or visit http://greatplainsfamilymedicine.com.

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