MOUNDRIDGE — Rick Krehbiel, chair of the Moundridge Community Foundation, was quick to greet any person who walked through the doors of Quincy's Bar & Grill on Nov. 2 for the fourth annual Match Day.

"The first three hours, we had a steady pace," Krehbiel said. "People are remembering that it's a recurring thing."

People came in between the hours of noon and 6 p.m. to contribute to one or more of nine nonprofit organizations located in Moundridge. Up to $15,000 was available in matching money, making the most of the donations.

Hosting the event at a central location — and on an annual schedule — is something that participants appreciate.

"Quincy's was very accommodating. They've been very good to work with," Krehbiel said.

As they entered, individuals were given a donation sheet and could talk with volunteers from many of the nonprofits, several of which had displays and information set out on the restaurant's tables for people to view.

Rosemary Fisher pulled double duty, sitting behind the tables of both the Moundridge Arts Council and the Moundridge Historical Association.

"We had a pretty steady stream," Fisher said.

Donors were also able to give to the nonprofits online until midnight of Match Day.

"They're taking it online now, so they don't have to come in," Fisher said.

The funds given will be placed in endowments for the nonprofits, providing future annual income for operating, programming or special projects as determined by each organization’s board.

"It helps all these agencies — nonprofits — build their endowment funds," Krehbiel said.

The Moundridge Community Foundation wants to see participation grow with each passing year, and they urge the town's nonprofits to make their supporters aware of the event.

"People are generous if they know what's going on," Krehbiel said. "Most of them are getting the word out and it makes a difference."

"The stronger your nonprofits are, the better your community is going to be," Krehbiel said. "Nonprofits are an important part of the community, and to have strong nonprofits is a good thing."

For more information about Moundridge Community Foundation, call 866-245-9070 or email

As of noon on Nov. 3, the unofficial totals for Match Day were:

— Angel's Attic — $2,250

— Cradle to Crayons Preschool and Daycare Center — $1,350 

— Moundridge Arts Council — $1,283

— Moundridge Education Fund — $2,028

— Moundridge Food Pantry — $1,680

— Moundridge Historical Association — $3,030

— Moundridge Public Library — $1,644

— Moundridge Senior Center — $2,920

— Swiss Mennonite Historical and Cultural Association — $2,640

The unofficial total of the donations was $18,825, which ensures all the matching money will be put to use.

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