LINDSBORG — A simple way of giving back to the community has become a successful fundraiser for the Newtonian Society at Bethany College — raking leaves.

Club members have been raking leaves for two years now to raise money for their educational spring trips. Last year, the club raised around $3,200 by raking 27 yards in the Lindsborg community.

“We do accept free will donations, but a majority of people donated after we raked, but we don’t force them to donate, its their option,” said Stephen Klaassen club president and junior at Bethany College.

The Newtonian Society is a math and science based club, and their main goal is to bring awareness to those subjects that are sometimes overlooked.

"We understand they're not popular subjects, but we have a lot of people who are majors in biology and chemistry here at Bethany college, and some things we try to do to increase interest in math and science is our professional week," Klaassen said.

Math, science and biology are topics that many students are interested in at Bethany College due to the high interest in the pre-medicine field.

Last year, the club went to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and this year they plan to go to Denver, Colorado to see research centers, weather centers and an observatory center.

The Lindsborg community is giving positive feedback for raking their yards, especially the elderly community.

"Its been really good, a lot of our students have been able to talk with those people. We have a big goal, for last year, it was the elderly population who are not maybe able to rake their yards, so I know they had a lot of fun when students came out," Klaassen said. "Some of them brought cookies over and brought them outside for us while we were raking their leaves. People of Lindsborg do enjoy the services that we bring, and it helps build relationships with students of the college and the community."

For more information, contact Klaassen at 785-822-8129.

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