For Dr. Patrick Romm, keeping children's joints happy, healthy strong and moving is a top priority at Integrated Health & Wellness Center LLC, located at 1319 E. First St. in McPherson.

Romm specializes in chiropractic care for all ages and wants to keep young children moving properly everyday.

Romm is a parent himself and watches his young children get bumps and bruises from the everyday life of a toddler.

"If you watch a toddler in their typical day to day life doing what a toddler does, they're very active, they take more falls than your average adult. Their young, healthy, their joints are moving and working well. When I'm evaluating my daughter and young children, I'm trying to make sure their joints are moving and functioning properly and their muscles aren't tight, but nice and relaxed like they should be," Romm explained.

Dr. Morgan Stupka at Stupka Chiropractic and Wellness Center, located at 114 W. Euclid St. in McPherson, shares a similar approach at her practice as well.

"Starting at a young age creates a proper movement pattern early on by optimizing the brain to body connection," Stupka explained.

Stupka has seen positive feedback from her young patients and believes getting them into chiropractic care at an early age can help restore the proper movement patterns and keeps their body functioning to its greatest potential.

"We have parents report that their kids even tell them they're ready for their next adjustment," Stupka said.

Many don't realize that infants, toddlers and young children can be taken in to see a chiropractor, but Romm and Stupka are a couple of the many trying to raise awareness of the benefits chiropractic care can have for children.

Romm said there are no age restrictions when it comes to chiropractic care, however, some adaptations are made, like using less force when adjusting a child’s joints.

Romm explained that visiting a chiropractor can improve movement patterns and the body’s ability to handle stressors, though accidents will still happen.

“Everyone is susceptible to injury, especially when they play sports or walk outside in the winter time and there’s ice on the ground,” Romm said.

Other services he provides for children are exercises for when children sit in a classroom for long periods of time.

“As we get older, we sit hours every day and we’re not as active, that’s where we might work with a kid getting into middle school high school, we do a lot of evaluating of movement patterns, can they do a squat appropriately, if they start lifting can they do those motions in a way thats going to prevent them from injuring themselves long term,” Romm explained.

Not only do Romm and Stupka believe starting at a young age is a great start for child care, but starting before children are born is another beneficial technique.

“Working with pregnant women before delivery is something pregnant women benefit from. The body goes through so many changes and with extra weight of the baby comes aces and pains. Pregnant women suffer with lower back and pelvic pain and hormonal changes, those changes and added low pack pain, we adjust female patients throughout pregnancy to make it more comfortable and we change the amount of force,” Romm explained.

“Chiropractic benefits start even before birth, from mothers struggling with fertility issues to getting your body in alignment and preparing for the changes of pregnancy,” Stupka said.

Dr. Stupka and her husband Brandon are certified in the Webster technique, which entails chiropractic sacra analysis and diversified adjustment.

“This helps with reducing the effects of sacral subluxation and sacroiliac dysfunction. Some common issues pregnant women experience are low back pain, sacroiliitis and sciatica,” Stupka said.

Stupka explained it is common for both the mother and baby to receive adjustments to ensure proper motion is restored.

“Some of the common issues we see in the pediatric patients are digestive issues, difficulty sleeping, latching issues and movement dysfunction such as a leg or a foot turned in or out. These issues are often resolved with a safe, gentle and effective adjustment and dietary recommendations,” Stupka explained.

For more information, contact Romm at 620-504-6344 or visit his website at and contact Stupka at 620-504-6677.

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