The McPherson City Commission met for a regular meeting Monday morning, and here's what you need to know:

1. The McPherson Convention and Visitor's Bureau was approved for two grants for upcoming sports events.

The first is a $600 sports grant for the Heart of America/Central Plains League Challenge to be held December 15 and 16 at McPherson College and Central Christian College of Kansas. The second is a $600 sports grant for the McPherson MAYB Winter Youth Basketball Tournament to be held on December 16 at McPherson High School.

2. Commissioners approved repairs on an ambulance for McPherson Emergency Medical Services. EMS was involved in a one vehicle accident on Oct. 4. Repairs for the ambulance were completed on Nov. 13 at Dacus Auto Body and Collision Repair in McPherson. The total cost of the damage was $1,186.47. The city's deductible is $1,000 which would be the out-of-pocket expense for the city.

3. Commissioners approved the position description and wage rate range for the Grease Management Program inspector and permission to start the hiring process to fill the position.

The inspector oversees the Grease Management Program for food service facilities in the city of McPherson and the position is housed our of the Waste Water Treatment Facility.

 There will be a 5-day internal notice as well as posting the position on HRE Partners.

Also concerning the Grease Management Program, there will be two public meetings on Dec. 4, one at 3 p.m. and a second one at 7 p.m. in the Commission Room at the Municipal Center. The department is sending out notices to all restaurant owners and location managers in the city. Anyone that is interested may attend.

4. Commissioners passed two ordinances that amend tax abatement ordinances for two businesses.

On Aug. 29, 2016 the city of McPherson granted CertainTeed a tax abatement. Work was shown to be completed in 2016 when in fact work was completed in 2017. The ordinance revision moves the abatement years from 2017-2026 to years 2018-2027.

On Sept. 5, the city of McPherson granted Cereal Food Processors dba Grain Craft Inc. a tax abatement. In all documentation, work was shown to be completed in 2017 when in fact the work will not likely be completed until some time in 2018. The ordinance amendment will make the initial year for the tax abatement 2019, so the revision moves the abatement years from 2018-2027 to 2019-2028. These are simple extensions based upon the time of completion for the project. Ten years is the most that can be granted for a tax abatement.