At noon on Nov. 6 at First Christian Church, 96 volunteers and board members enjoyed lunch and fellowship.

The group was welcomed by Lorene Smith, president of the board. She read Psalm 95:1-7 and thanked all the volunteers for their hours spend working at the Save ‘N Share store.

Volunteers accepted a small thank-you gift of a magnetic note pad, a pen and a flavored Chapstick.

The meal was prepared and served by the First Christian Church Disciples Women Fellowship.

The trivia committee from the Save ‘N Share store entertained the group by challenging volunteers to guess how many Christmas trees have been sold (60), how many volunteers have the same name (four, Unruh) and how many new volunteers have been added this year (18).

Jodi Hime, incoming president for 2018, presented Lorene Smith with a card and Chamber Check for her time presiding over the board for three years. She also volunteers at the hospital, participates in church activities having had a full career with Home State Bank.

Sheila Plooster, manager of the Churches United in Ministry office, announced that she will be in charge of placing buckets and bell ringers at a few businesses for the Salvation Army during the holidays.