Nostalgic children's books are not something you find everyday in a bookstore. However, thanks to a generous donation of first and second edition of Little Golden Books from the 1950s, Twice Told Tales, located at 104 S Main St. in McPherson, now has them on their shelves.

Among the unique set were books like Gunsmoke, Howdy Doody and a few with Disney titles.

Although these aren't usually books the store is looking for, they will always take rare finds like this set.

"Typically we aren't in the market for collectible books because our customers aren't interested in them as much. But we have received some very generous donations like these a few times," said Jessica Niemeyer, owner of the store.

Finding the original books can be difficult, due to the books being reprinted many times.

"For Little Golden Books, if you turn to the very end of the book in the bottom right corner, there will be a letter. If the letter is "A," its first edition first printing, if its "B," its second edition, second printing. It repeats to AA for a 27th edition and so on, so if there is no number, its a reprint," Niemeyer explained.

Even though the books are over 60-years-old, they look as though they have never been touched.

"Its wonderful to see how preserved they have been. Often times with older books, especially children's titles, the condition can be really rough," Niemeyer said.

Twice Told Tales offers books for all ages and by a variety of different authors.

"We love seeing children's books, classics by authors such as Jane Austin, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain and newer best seller titles," Niemeyer said.

Twice Told Tales is a used book store that focuses on making reading fun, and affordable.

The store pays cash for books that are brought in and also takes donations.

"We don't have a set price — the condition, age and current inventory level depends on what we are able to give. Any book we can't pay for, we return to the customer. We are able to take a look at pretty much anything except for textbooks, encyclopedia sets and romance novels. We have been over stocked on romance novels for two years," Niemeyer laughed.

Prior to opening Twice Told Tales, Niemeyer worked in used book stores, new book stores, libraries and specialized bookstores. Two years ago, she decided to open a store that combined all of her expertise in McPherson.

"I picked out all the pieces I loved combined with new ideas to create a family friendly place where literature lovers can feel comfortable and afford to expand their book collections," she said.

For more information, call 620-718-5023 or visit their website at or visit their Facebook page.

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