Leslie Schneider was a bit surprised when her daughter came to her with a request.

"She said, 'can you Google easy ornaments?'" Schneider said.

Eight-year-old Chelsea Wandler, who is in the third grade at Roosevelt Elementary, told her mother she wanted to make Christmas ornaments not for their own tree, but to sell as a fundraiser for the McPherson American Legion's Toy Run.

"I wanted to do it so kids could get presents for Christmas," Chelsea said.

Chelsea turned her backyard playhouse into a craft room, working at a table to create the ornaments.

"She covered styrofoam balls with fabric and then she'd just decorate them," Schneider said. "Some of them had bells on them, some of them had flowers and ribbon."

Using popsicle sticks covered with glitter, Chelsea created stars and snowflakes. She chose fabric with different patterns for her styrofoam ornaments.

"Some had American flags, snowflakes and camo," Chelsea said.

It took some trial and error to perfect the ornament-making process.

"We had to buy a hot glue gun because regular glue didn't dry quickly enough," Chelsea said.

After making dozens of ornaments, Chelsea put them in a box and walked around her neighborhood.

"I sold a few to the neighbors around here and then the rest at the Legion," Chelsea said. "Some of them were really happy. I went to one and she was like crying for a minute because I was doing it."

"At first, she was like, 'I hope I can raise $300,'" Schneider said. "When she'd bring her little box around, everybody had to know what she was doing."

At the Toy Run, Chelsea presented the organizers with a glass jar filled with $654, a result she hopes to top next year.

"My mom said with all that money, they could buy seven or eight bikes," Chelsea said.

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