MOUNDRIDGE — What started out from learning about recycling, has turned into a hobby and business for Cyndi Jackson, owner of Country Bumpkins of Wichita.

The artist will teach a snowman painting class from 1 to 3 p.m. on Dec. 31 at Mockingbird Vintage & Estates located at 101 S. Christian Ave. in Moundridge. Those interested in attending must pre-pay by Dec. 26 with cash or a check.

Sindy Rosproy, owner of Mocking Bird Vintage and Estates in Moundridge, loved Jacksons style and decided to bring her craftiness into their store for groups to enjoy.

“She’s incredibly talented,” Rosproy said. “I encouraged her to come do some classes for the painting classes, she’s a fantastic teacher.”

Mockingbird Vintage & Estates offers antiques from a number of vendors, as well as classes.

After a tornado hit Wichita and left wood debris scattered over the neighborhoods, Jackson and her husband volunteered to bring their truck and trailer to pick up the debris. But once they looked at their load, they wondered how they could make use of the scrap material. That's when Jackson decided to start building her wooden screened pieces.

"We have taken recycled wood, screens and windows and have given them new life," Jackson said.

Jackson attended many craft shows to see what was going on in the neighborhood and found her ideas through talking with others.

"I saw people were painting on glass and on wood and things like that are very popular. We had a lot of screens that we bought from a window company and said, 'Lets try and paint on the screen.' And it worked, so from then on I just did it and sold it then Sindy Rosproy got a hold of me and said, 'Let’s do classes,’" Jackson added.

Although Jackson uses bigger windows to paint on in her own time, she decided to down size window sizes for the classes to make it easier for beginners.

Jackson's process is an easy step by step process that anyone can follow.

"I explain to the students that the screens are hand-made by my husband and I prep the screen with black house paint for better reflection of the white snowman. Then I start with white paint with the heads and the students have to think about what design they really want," Jackson said. "Then we start doing the snowman head, then the body with white paint then we shadow with brown paint then we do the eyes and noes, which is orange for the carrot. Its four easy steps and the girls seem to listen and enjoy it and come away with a really cute product."

Jackson wants students in her class to leave with something they like, which is why she makes her process so easy.

"I want them to duplicate whatever I was doing, which meant they needed to use house paint so I bring that in a ziplock baggie for them to work out of and four brushes," Jackson said.

Jackson's favorite part of teaching the class is watching her students faces.

"The favorite part of doing this is watching the girls faces — its kind of like a grandma watching her grandchildren learn something," Jackson said.

For more information call 620-480-5998 or visit their Facebook page.

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