Heather Koehn, owner of Studio316, is almost constantly in motion.

"Fitness is my passion," Koehn said. "I wanted to teach and it's been a dream of mine, forever, to have my own studio."

Koehn opened Studio316 — which is a reference to John 3:16 — at 113 W. First St. in August 2017.

"I wanted to open my own place so that I could have a place that's a judgment-free zone; where women can walk in and feel safe," Koehn said.

The studio, which is set back from the street, features brightly-colored walls lined with mirrors and a front window that lets in the sunlight. Koehn said she and her husband renovated the space to make it as inviting as possible to class members.

"All they have to do is walk through the door. They don't have to walk through a gym," Koehn said. "Sometimes that is the scariest thing."

Studio316 offers group fitness classes including Zumba, yoga and kickboxing.

"I wanted to bring to McPherson some of the newer fitness trends that are happening in the big cities," Koehn said.

With 15 years of experience and 17 fitness certifications, Koehn intentionally chooses classes to fill customer's demands.

"The very unique thing I've brought to McPherson are barre classes,” Koehn said.

Barre incorporates elements of ballet, pilates and yoga in small, contracted movements.

“A lot of women don’t want to bulk up their muscles, so they prefer to do exercises that elongate and lengthen the muscles,” Koehn said.

Barre also appeals to those looking for a no-impact, full-body workout.

“It’s for all fitness levels. That’s why I think it’s so attractive to women — and it’s known for changing the body, very quickly, from the waist down,” Koehn said. “It’s intense, but it’s as intense as you want it to be.”

Koehn also uses an app that lets people view class descriptions and schedule and reserve a space ahead of time.

“The first class is always free for someone who wants to come and give something a try,” Koehn noted.

Classes are offered every day of the week, from early mornings through evenings, and are open to women and men.

“I want them to feel smart and lovely and beautiful and empowered,” Koehn said.

For more information about Studio316, call 620-755-0175 or email studio316fitness@gmail.com

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