On Thursday this past week, Delish — Taste Life announced they were closing their business because of “personal situations.”

“It’s a lot of reasons, just a combination of outside changes in our lives. I don’t want to pinpoint anything because it wasn’t just one reason that caused it. Life changes so quickly sometimes,” said Ann Koehn, co-owner of Delish.

The restaurant’s last day is May 26 and Koehn said they are ending their journey on a positive note.

“We’ve been really busy since we announced we were closing.

We’ve had a lot of new faces in here and we had some commitments this week and we wanted to honor them so we could’ve quit right away but we didn’t,” she said.

Koehn said she hopes the building continues as a restaurant; but regardless of what comes next, she also hopes the community is just as supportive of any newcomers as they were for her.

“We’re hoping that someone will buy it as a restaurant or a bar and grill and pub type of vibe to keep it food related and to make it even better,” she said.

Delish will be selling their building in the near future, but Koehn said she is unsure of what comes next.

“We’re trying to figure out next step.

I’ve got some family things I need to take care of and go from there,” she said.

While things may be looking glum as Delish is closing for good, Koehn said she doesn’t know what the future holds.

“I know as business partners we won’t be coming back together, but you never say never I guess,” she said. 

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