Congressman Roger Marshall questioned U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue in the House Committee on Agriculture. The Congressman requested help regarding payment limits for those impacted by recent natural disasters, and highlighted the Secretary’s trade efforts.

Congressman Marshall said:

“I was heartened by Secretary Perdue’s commitment to use all of the flexibility at his disposal to help restore those impacted by the recent wildfires and blizzards in Kansas. His eagerness to champion American products and to promote trade, and to make sure other countries are playing fairly, are going to be essential in bringing about the turnaround our agricultural economy requires. I was also glad to hear his food policy motto: ‘Do right, and feed everyone.’ This motto is especially significant in a country where we are blessed to be able to produce more food than we need. As we look to the next Farm Bill, it will be important to have this administration as a partner in these discussions.”