Head coach Heath Gerstner was still in awe after his McPherson High School baseball team found a way to get two wins over Andale High School after coming from behind in both games. The Bullpups improve their record of 6-2 after defeating the Indians.

"I'm just proud of our guys. No question," Gerstner said.

Game One: Walk it off, McPherson 6 Andale 5

There were four lead changes and three ties in game one, but after scoring two late runs in the final two innings, the Bullpups took game one. Andale was off to a good start after being the first to put points on the board. The first run came off a groundout by Andale's Michael Post, having Sam Savoie scored 1-0 in the first. The Bullpups answered back by Gabe Hoover's single on a line drive, bringing home Dylan Werries and tying the ballgame.

The Indians was able to regain the lead after an error by Werries that led Andale an unearned run to make it 2-1 going into the next inning.

Jakob Feil took over as the relieved pitcher for Trey Hanken in the top of the fourth after he gave up six walks as the starter. With the bases load, the Indians scored their third run after a hit by pitch, giving the Indians an unearned run.

The Bullpups was right back in it after scoring three more runs for them to regain the lead. The first run came from Wyatt Seidl hitting a single, bringing home Feil and putting Honestee Whittker in the third base. After a balk by Andale's pitcher Post, Whittker scored to tie the game up for the second time. It was then Gunnar Reiss hits a ground ball and having Andale committing an error on third base, having the Bullpups score 4-3.

The game was tied again in the top of the fifth and then later the Indians regain the lead after the fly ball on the center fielder to make it 5-4.

While the Indians went scoreless in the final two innings, the Bullpups scored two more runs end the game. Werries, who was two-for-two in hits, made a huge hit for the Bullpups and recorded an RBI triple to make a five apiece.

In the bottom of the seventh, Whitfield was at bat and both Feil and Whittker were the base runners. The Indians committed an error that led to a Feil walk-off run to end the game. The Bullpups survived.

Game Two McPherson 9 Andale 8 Down to the wire

After an intense game, The Bullpups put on an encore performance in their 9-8 win over Andale. Just like game one, the Indians got an early lead in the first inning. The Bullpups was trailing 2-0 after a hard ground ball hit that would send two Indians home.

Errors also played a role in this game as both teams committed a combined 10 errors the entire night. Andover also had eight hits while the Bullpups had five.

After trailing 3-0. the Bullpups was on the on the board in the bottom of the first after scoring two more runs to trail 3-2. The game would be tied after Werries was hit by a pitch in the bottom of the third. It was then the Bullpups got their first lead of the night after a ground ball hit by Whittker.

Andale would score two runs off a fly ball to center to make it 5-4.

After the game was tied in the fifth, the Pups was able to get the lead back after a dropped third strike which gave Werries a run.

In the top of the seven, Andale started to take it up a notch. It started with fly ball hit by Rob Winter that would give him a triple. Trevor Meyer for the Indians would then get a double to send more Indians home and get the 8-6 lead.

In the bottom of the seventh, the Bullpups had to find a way to either tie the game up and go an extra inning or win it all. The Bullpups was able to tie the game after a hit by a pitch that would result to Feil to get an unearned run. Then Zane Myers singles on a ground ball that would have Wiard run to home and tie the game. The bases were loaded, and Hoover was at bat. The game ended in major error by Andale's closer Zach McCormick that resulted in a run by Werries, and the Bullpups celebrated

"I thought the second game we had a lot more energy than we did the first game, and I just told them that late games like that you got to win a little bit more than them. We got on base and found a way to win," Gerstner said.

The Bullpups will have the rest of the week off until their next home game against Rose Hill on April 16 at 4 p.m.

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