HESSTON—Five McPherson County Schools were represented on Thursday at the Swather Special Cross County Meet in Hesston, including McPherson, Smoky Valley, Canton-Galva, Inman and Elyria Christian schools.

While the meet had 51 schools represented, they did have team scores though the races were placed by class.

McPherson Places 8th and 10th:

The McPherson High School cross country teams ended up placing eighth for the girls, while the boys landed in tenth-place overall. Both Kassidy Beam in the sophomore girls race and Natalie Hedlund in the junior girls race were the highest placing runners with each finishing sixth.

Besides Beam and Hedlund, Marissa Pearcy, Courtney Eickbush, Justus Hampton, Hannah Dossett and Isaiah Moyer also earned medals for the meet.

“Overall I thought the team competed very well today,” noted Bullpup Head Coach Aspen Lott. “The weather was on our side today which was helpful. Even though most of the course was ran on the cart path (at the Hesston Golf Course) due to wetness of the course, I thought our kids stepped up and were able to adapt to the changes with ease.”

Next up for the Bullpups runners will be on Thursday, Sept. 13, when they run in the Buhler Invitational.

Bullpup Individual Results:

Lady Bullpup Runners finished 8th overall.

9th Grade Girls –

Marissa Pearcy ran 22:30.2 placing 12th.

Evie Elder ran 24:38.9 finishing 27th.

10th Grade Girls –

Kassidy Beam ran 22:05.7 finishing 6th.

Courtney Eickbush ran 22:37.9 finishing 10th.

11th Grade Girls –

Natalie Hedlund ran 21:56.9 finishing 6th.

Jayln Whorton ran 28:09.7 finishing 39th..

12th Grade Girls –

Hannah Dossett ran 23:23.0 finishing 14th

Katie Bahr ran 23:50.0 finishing 21st.

Katelyn Beam ran 23:53.8 finishing 22nd.

Maggie Leaf ran 25:06.5 finishing 25th.

Bullpup Boys finished 10th overall.

10th Grade Boys –

Sam Boese ran 23:42.0 finishing 48th.

Brady McWilliams ran 24:00.9 finishing 50th.

11th Grade Boys –

Justus Hampton ran 18:34.1 finishing 12th.

Jackson Schrader ran 20:01.0 finishing 35th.

Ethan Pickerall ran 20:11.8 finishing 38th.

Riley Shelton ran 21:24.8 finishing 46th.

12th Grade Boys –

Isaiah Moyer ran 18:43.2 finishing 16th.

Silas Steinert ran 20:15.9 finishing 25th.

Graedon Green ran 20:34.8 finishing 30th.

Kyler Chapman ran 22:46.4 finishing 46th.

Smoky Valley Girls and Boys Finish 4th:

The Smoky Valley High School cross country teams had a solid day as a total of 13 Viking runners earned medals in Hesston, while both the Boys and Girls teams each finished fourth overall.

Seven Vikings placed within the top-ten of their class races including Ellise Peterson, Maria Apel, Gracie Lambert, Ryan Heline who took first, Stephen Peterson, Lukas Apel, and Garrett Huffman.

“I’m very pleased with our results today in Hesston,” said Smoky Valley head coach Holly Toll. “We ran against some very good athletes as well as some great teams. Both our boys and girls ran up to my expectations. I’m excited to start running in varsity and junior varsity races next week so that they can run together as a pack.”

Next up for the Viking runners will be at Clay Center on Thursday, Sept. 13.

Smoky Valley Individual Results (*=medaled):


Team Place- 4th

Ellise Peterson-4th-21:43*

Maria Apel-8th-22:05*

Gracie Lambert-9th-22:13*

Kajsa Peterson-12th-22:42*

Gracie Lott-13th-22:53*

Savannah Phillips-19th-23:47*

Lydia Peterson-23rd-24:29

Nevada Acheson-33rd-26:11

Zoe Grace-36th-27:12


Team Place-4th

Ryan Heline-1st-17:15*

Josh Peterson-12th-17:57*

Stephen Peterson-10th-18:47*

Lukas Apel-2nd-19:04*

Ty Miller-14th-19:22*

Garret Huffman-8th-19:32*

Trayton Miller-11th-19:39*

Justice Gardner-21st-20:26

Logan Bodenhamer-42nd-20:48

Adin Replogle-45th-20:59

Caden Kibler-36th-21:12

Jonathan Puppo-32nd-21:13

Julian Maldonado-37th-21:34

Cole Brumbaugh-41st-21:53

Kellon Johnsen-45th-22:09

Devon VanFosson-52nd-22:29

Jamison Sattler-49th-23:50

Garrett Reidelberger-60th-23:55

Seth Morgan-58th-24:59

Joseph Hunsecker-59th-25:03

Chris Mullen-64th-27:25

Martisko, Miles Leads Inman at Hesston:

With only five runners running, Inman still made waves at Hesston with Nicholas Martisko earning a first-place medal for the grade 11 boys after running an 18:12.0 race. Aisjha Miles, running in the grade 11 girls race also medaled by finishing seventh with a time of 23:13.3.

Also running for the Teutons were Peter Buller who finished 31st in the grade 10 race, while Nathan Becker medaled with a 14th place finish in the senior class run, while Sean Jenson also competed in the senior class race.

Morgan Becker leads Canton-Galva runners at Hesston:

Morgan Becker led the Canton-Galva High School cross country team in Hesston by finishing second in the freshman boys race for Class 3-2-1A. Christian Darrah also ran in the freshman boys race and placed 11th. Logan Miller ran in the senior race, as the Eagles only had five runners since three others were out sick.

For the Lady Eagles, Sarah Kendall and Whitney Hightingale represented Canton-Galva in the sophomore and senior girl races.

“Morgan (Becker) ran a strong race and earned second by nipping another runner at the line,” noted Eagle Head Coach Lyle Silsby. “I was very proud of Morgan today with the way he was able to keep his composure and finish the race the way he did. Christian (Darrah) will be a strong runner in the future if he can keep getting stronger, while Whitney (Nightingale) ran her first race of the season after having knee surgery in May. Logan (Miller) is another that has been trying to come back from knee surgery and is finally starting to show that the knee is feeling back to 100 percent.”

Next Thursday, Sept. 13, Canton-Galva runners will return to action at Herington.

Elyria Christian Earns Medal at Hesston:

While only two runners represented Elyria Christian in Hesston, they made the best of it as Olivia Peters placed seventh in the freshman Class 3-2-1A race with a time of 23:13.4 and Josh Beck ended up 29th in the junior Class 3-2-1A race with a time of 21:06.5.

“This was an encouraging start to the season,” commented Elyria Christian Head Coach Philip Hinman. “Josh’s (Beck) time was right around where he was at the end of his last cross-country season, while Olivia (Peters) was able to take home a medal in her very first meet which should be a lasting memory for her. These are great starting points and I look forward to continued growth each week.”

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