CHANGE! That seems to be the buzzword that opponents use to sway the voters in their direction.
Change was one of the reasons I first ran for the office of County Treasurer. The Board of County Commissioners wanted to change the office and eliminate it from being an elected position, thus removing the voice of the people. I fought to prevent that change.
Change comes from the legislature. I am actively involved with the Statewide Kansas County Treasurer’s Association, which works on proposing legislation.  This sometimes involves time away from the office, but never away from my taxpayers.    
I did change how information can be accessed. After a few years of voicing a need for Web access, we now have that ability ( The public now can find information on the County’s Web site any time of day from anywhere in the world.  I’ve heard positive comments from people of how pleased they are with the information they can find on our Web site.   
What I do try to change is the taxpayer’s knowledge. Through knowledge, I hope to empower taxpayers to minimize their tax burden by understanding how the tax process works and by timely reporting of their personal property. I do not like to see someone pay more in taxes than they should.
What I can change is the type of service the public receives when they come to my office at the Courthouse. I have changed the ability to pay taxes or renew vehicles with a credit/debit card over the Internet. I am in the process of implementing that same ability to accept credit cards in the office as well as reducing lines in Tag Office through legislation. If my opponent has a solution, I bet every treasurer in Kansas would love to know the secret.   
As your current county treasurer for the past 17 years, the only change I can see is who might be the next treasurer or the staff that waits on the customers. I cannot change paying taxes, nor can I change registering your vehicles in the county in which you live. 
I’d like you to ask yourself…what kind of change do you really need or want?
I would appreciate your continued support in the general election.
Brenda Becker