The McPherson Board of Public Utilities met Monday and heard updates on various projects undertaken by the utility.
The new water tower being constructed south of McPherson Cemetery will have 11 of its 54, 55-foot concrete piers repoured after tests showed them to have questionable integrity. The questionable piers were found to be sound up to 33-feet deep.
Board members asked Assistant General Manager Tim Maier if that was a normal level of failure in such a project.
“It’s almost 20 percent. That’s too much,” Maier said.
The contractor will repour the piers between existing piers at its own expense.
“There will be close to 70 piers on the tower, which should give it a secure footing,” said General Manager Rick Anderson.
The one-million-gallon tower is expected to be complete by fall of 2009. Maier said the additional storage space was needed to accomodate the new water blending facility which is expected to be complete in late 2009 or early 2010.
“There’s only so much capacity to get water out of there (the blending facility) so we need the additional storage which can replenish overnight,” Maier said.
Work also continues on the water blending facility with concrete pours on the roof expected soon.
Treasurer Larry Swenson updated the board on a possible software purchase. Swenson contacted a vendor about outsourcing billing in lieu of purchasing new software which is expected to cost between $852,883 to $1,052,332. The vendor estimate to process BPU’s bills is $250,000 a year plus $140,000 in postage. Swenson will look into the matter further and report back.