More than 6,500 students at the University of Kansas will receive an estimated $29.6 million in privately funded scholarship support during the 2008-09 academic year. This represents a $1.9 million increase over the 2007-08 academic year, in which KU students received $27.7 million in scholarships, fellowships and awards.
Virtually all scholarships, fellowships and awards at KU come from private contributions to KU Endowment. So far, 8,555 scholarships have been awarded for the current academic year. Many students receive more than one scholarship. KU divides many scholarships between the fall and spring semesters, and there are some students who receive scholarship support for the summer term as well.
This year’s recipients represent 103 of the 105 counties in Kansas, 45 other states and Puerto Rico and 45 other countries. To see the list of honored students, visit ships.shtml.
“It’s rewarding to look across KU and realize that thousands of our students are here because of scholarship support provided by donors,” said Dale Seuferling, president of KU Endowment. “Endowed scholarships span the generations, enabling students to earn degrees at KU and move on to productive careers. For many of these students, these accomplishments would not have been possible without scholarship support provided by generations of KU alumni and friends.”
In the past five years, KU Endowment has provided more than $118 million in scholarships, fellowships and awards to KU students. Donors created 43 new endowed scholarships in fiscal 2008, with gifts totaling $12.3 million.
Though KU Endowment raises support for scholarships and other student aid, the university determines the distribution of available support. The figure fluctuates each year based on several factors, such as the number of students who apply for and receive them, the investment performance of endowed scholarship funds and new gifts for scholarships.
Scholarship funds are managed by KU Endowment, the independent, nonprofit organization serving as the official fundraising and fund-management organization for KU. Founded in 1891, KU Endowment is the first foundation of its kind at a U.S. public university.
McPherson County students receiving scholarships for the 2008-09 academic year:
•April Diane Westbrook daughter of  Marvin and Darla Westbrook PharmacyPD: Prof 1 George L. and Margaret Varnes Pharmaceutical Scholarship, School of Pharmacy Scholarship, Canton-Galva High School, Canton  
•Matt Jon Kaiser son of  Jerry and Allene Kaiser MedicineMD Prof 1: Carl A. Vernon Scholarship, MedicineMD Prof 1 George E. and Blanche Sterling Trust, Inman High School
•Sara Michelle Nelson daughter of  Gary and Karen Nelson Pre-Nursing Freshman: John K. and Edna M. Cape Scholarship Smoky Valley High School, Lindsborg
•Chantz Palmer Thomas son of  Greg and Lorye Thomas History BA Sophomore: Nontraditional Undergraduate Student Scholarship, Smoky Valley High School, Lindsborg
•Brooke Leanne Brewer daughter of  Shannon Goscha Undecided CLAS Freshman: Bob and Marlene Whittaker Leadership Scholarship, McPherson High School
•Grace Dallae Chin daughter of  Ku-Sup and Shin-Hee Chin History of Art BA Sophomore: Howard Reed Sailors,Thelma Sophia Ally Sailors Scholarship, McPherson High School
•Julia Michaela Johanna Groeblacher daughter of  Michaela Groeblacher Economics BA Senior: Nunemaker College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Scholarship, Nontraditional Undergraduate Student Scholarship, Elizabeth Bowen/Carl Frederic Gustafson School Political Science scholarship, McPherson High School, McPherson
•Johnson Tanner Hawkinson son of  Paul and Kathryn Hawkinson Pre-Business Freshman: Bob and Marlene Whittaker Leadership Scholarship, McPherson High School, McPherson
•Nicholas W Krehbiel son of  Ken and Cheri Krehbiel MedicineMD Prof 1: W. E. Lundquist Memorial Scholarship, Moundridge High School
•James Gregory Loving son of  James and Dawn Loving Civil Engineering BS Freshman: George C. Shaad Memorial Scholarship, Freshman Muchnic Foundation Scholarship - Engineering, Madison A. and Lila Self Engineering Leadership, Lydia Dye McBurney Scholarship, McPherson High School
•Renee N Morgan Nursing BSN Junior: W. E. Lundquist Memorial Scholarship, McPherson High School     
•Clayton Cress Morrow son of  Darcie Morrow Electrical Engineering BS Freshman: Paul and Virginia Bassett Miller - Endowed Scholarship, Muchnic Foundation Scholarship - Engineering, Arthur and Zella Courtney Scholarship, McPherson High School
•Seth Dwayne Mowbray son of  Darin and Billi Mowbray Pre-Business Freshman: Nontraditional Undergraduate Student Scholarship, McPherson High School
•Jill Marie Nowak daughter of  Brett and Debbie Nowak Pre-Education Elementary Freshman: Nontraditional Undergraduate Student Scholarship, McPherson High School
•Torrance Reed Parkins son of  Barbara Brookshire Pre-Law Junior: Summerfield Scholarship Fund, McPherson High School
•Callie Elizabeth Reber daughter of  Brett and Kathryn Reber Accounting BSB Junior: Edwin Emery Slosson Scholarship in Science, McPherson High School
•Kelly Elise Roane daughter of  Kenneth and Jill Roane Pre-Education Elementary Sophomore: Nontraditional Undergraduate Student Scholarship, McPherson High School  
•Jessica Ann Schmidt daughter of  Charles and Kathy Schmidt News and Information BSJ: Sophomore Nontraditional Undergraduate Student Scholarship, McPherson High School   •Jonathan Tyler Shorman son of  Gene and Debra Shorman Pre-Journalism Freshman: Anschutz Scholarship, McPherson High School
•Dale Joshua Snell son of  Glen and Kerri Snell Accounting BSB Senior: Norman L. Cochran Family Scholarship, McPherson High School
•Julia Christine Snell daughter of  Glen and Kerri Snell Flute BM Sophomore: Estelle S. Churchill Music Scholarship, McPherson High School
•Robert Leroy Ullom MedicineMD Prof 1 E. P.: Donatelle, M.D. Student Scholarship - Wichita
•Joel David Wagoner son of  Bruce and Barbara Wagoner Music Education BME Junior: Dale Jellison Weary Scholarship, McPherson High School
•Ethan Sheppard Walker NursingBSN Senior: W. E. Lundquist Memorial Scholarship       •Linsey Ann Moddelmog daughter of  Stuart and Beverly Moddelmog Political Science PHD Graduate: Walter Thompson Scholarship in Political Science       
•Holly Nicole Parry daughter of  Dennis and Linda Parry Pharmacy PD Junior: Nontraditional Undergraduate Student Scholarship, Ellsworth High School
•Katherine Anne Seymour MedicineMD Prof 1: Harry F. and Christine H. Lose Medical Scholarship       
•Benjamin Gregory Chapman Architecture March Graduate: Michael C. Lasseter Graduate Scholarship, McPherson High School
•Torrance Reed Parkins son of Robert Parkins Junior Pre-Law: Summerfield Scholarship Fund, McPherson High School
•Benjamin Garrett Panzer son of Frank and Charlotte Panzer Graduate Electrical Engineering PHD: Dr. Bowen E. Parkins Scholarship, McPherson High School
•Lillian Billue Siebert daughter of  Julia Billue Political Science BA Freshman: Rolland Hamilton Scholarship, Joseph C. Luppens Civil Engineering Scholarship, Joel Orin Gunnels, Sr. Scholarship Fund, Civil, Environmental, Architectural Engineering Dept. School, Vernon Allen Smoots Scholarship, Upper Arlington High School Upper Arlington, Ohio