Bethany College announced Tuesday additional institutional changes aimed at cutting the college’s debt and reducing its operating budget.
The plan will include the reduction of less than six faculty positions and will result in a total savings of $300,000 for the college.
The positions will be eliminated from the history/political science and physical education departments. The college’s social work program will also be eliminated.
In addition to reducing payroll numbers, faculty members have also agreed to increase their teaching load from 24 to 27 hours.
The changes were announced during a campus meeting Friday and all reductions will be finalized by the summer of 2011.
“The people affected are our colleagues and decisions like this are never easy,” said President Leonard. “However, these necessary actions position the college for fiscal sustainability and forward movement.”
The new announce of cuts in faculty numbers comes on top of faculty reduction made during the summer months. Faculty in the music department was decreased from five positions to four and the criminal justice department saw a decrease of two faculty member to one. The reductions made to the department were the result of faculty retirements and positions not being refilled.
“Regrettably, difficult decisions have to be made not just for right now, but for the future of Bethany College,” said President Leonard. “We continue to make mission-based decisions that will result in a sustainable Bethany for years to come.”
In addition to reducing staff and faculty numbers, the college’s administration continues to work to make its academic programs more cost-effective. The college has also worked closely with the Austen Group, which performed a cost and curriculum analysis of the college’s academic departments, to identify areas of potential growth and areas that could be changed to operate more efficiently.