Kansas Attorney General Steve Six released today a pair of reports documenting the work of the Consumer Protection Division.
According to the 2010 fiscal year report, the agents in the Consumer Protection Division resolved 7,908 requests through either referral to another agency or counsel or through investigation of the concerns. And consumer savings, judgments and restitution for FY 2010 totaled more than $17 million.
The following is a break down of data and information from the attorney general’s 2010 report:
•Consumer savings, through litigation- $12.2 million
•Top five investigative requests- Collection by an agency, credit, telephone- cramming, no-call and mortgages
•The state received $45,000 of a $3 million settlement with Vonage. The attorney general’s office entered into a multi-state Assurance of Voluntary compliance for violations of the KCPA related to the advertising, solicitation and performance of telecommunication and the Internet access services.
•The state’s attorney general’s office and six other state’s attorneys along with the United States Department of Justice filed suit alleging the merger of Verizon and Alltel would lessen competition in the mobile wireless telecommunications services in 94 markets in the U.S. resulting in higher prices and lower quality of services.
Following a purchase agreement with AT&T for affected cellular markets in western Kansas, Verizon received final regulatory approval for divestiture in late June 2010.
To see the full report, log onto the attorney general’s website at www.ksag.org.