E. Tom Pyle Jr.’s effort to establish a trailer park northwest of Interstate 135 and Kansas Avenue was dealt another setback Monday night, as the McPherson County Planning Board again voted to deny Pyle’ s request.
Pyle’s request was originally heard at last month’s meeting, where the board voted to deny his application without giving specific reasons. The county commission then took up the matter, considering it over a space of two weeks before sending it back to the board with a request to explain its reasoning for denying Pyle the requested permit. The planning board has a set of questions it must provide responses to before rendering a decision on a request. During its October meeting, planning board members did not provide responses to the questions.
Following a 45-minute closed session during Monday’s meeting, the board provided that reasoning for denying the permit.
The board told Pyle he would have to hook into city utilities, something Pyle had opposed. Furthermore, the board has reservations abut building this in the city’s floodplain, and would require Pyle to undertake an extensive study if the project were approved. The board also noted that there were ingress and egress issues for the property, and that the development of the property into a trailer park did not fit with established land use criteria. The board finally informed Pyle that he would have to plat the property - something Pyle was against.
After explaining its reasoning, the board unanimously denied Pyle’s application. The matter will go back before the county commission.