Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed eight additional bills today, bringing the total number of bills signed into law to 92.  You can find additional information about these new laws at www.kslegislature.org.


HB 2010:  This new law adds to the list of offenses giving rise to civil forfeiture pursuant to the Kansas Asset Seizure and Forfeiture Act.


HB 2071:  This new law provides when a person is committed as a sexually violent predator and files a habeas corpus petition; the costs will be assessed to the county where the person committed the crimes.  It also allows in a commitment proceeding, the person can call his/her own expert witnesses.


HB 2191:  This new law allows school districts to extend the probationary period for newly hired teachers from three years up to five years.


HB 2312:  This new law requires registration of scrap metal dealers.


SB 10:  This new law provides additional local sales tax authority in Edwards, Jackson and Douglas Counties.  It also makes changes in statute in relating to interest rates charged for delinquent property taxes and interest rates paid relative to overpayments associated with clerical errors and establishes a three-year statute of limitations for taxpayers to claim certain sales tax refund.


SB 97:  This new law extends for one year the judicial surcharge the Legislature authorized in Senate Sub for HB 2476 to fund non-judicial personnel and increases the surcharge to 25% in FY2012.  It also delays the expansion of the Court of Appeals from 13 to 14 judges for one year.


SB 124:This new law creates the Lower Smoky Hill Water Supply Access District, the Lower Smoky Hill Water Supply Access Program, the Lower Smoky Hill Special Irrigation District, and the Lower Smoky Hill Water Supply Access Fund.


SB 247: This law reconciles amendments to certain statutes and makes certain technical changes related to those statutes.