McPherson city commissioners signed off on a resolution and letter expressing the city’s interest in participating in the Kansas Safe Routes to School Program, which awards reimbursement grants to improve pedestrian infrastructure around schools, during Monday’s meeting.

The grants come in two phases. The first is $15,000 while the second amounts to $250,000. The funds will be used to construct sidewalks around Roosevelt Elementary, which the city identified as having the highest priority. There is no starting date for this project yet.

Pat Hinojos, who works with Stifel Nichols & Company and is advising the city on its ongoing bond process informed commissioners that Standard & Poor's, a national credit rating agency, has listed the city’s bonds as A+, meaning it views the city as a quality borrower whose financial stability could be affected by certain economic conditions. Hinojos said the city should be pleased with the rating. Commissioners went on to approve a resolution that ties $1 million in funding with three bonds that were refunded last week for a new stormwater project that starts in the Oxford Point area and finishes on First Street.

Police Chief Dennis Shaw received approval from commissioners to acquire a new drug dog and dog patrol car from the Osawatomie Police Department in trade for a used McPherson patrol car. The dog is five years old and is in good enough shape to work for four additional years. Shaw also received approval to purchase a new computer server for the police department, as the old one went down over the weekend as is non-repairable. The new server costs $3,210.

In other business:

• Fire Chief Jeff Deal received approval to purchase new beds for the fire station for $1,500

• Commissioners approved blocking off the 600 block of E. Marlin at Grand Street and Hartup Street for a bicycle rodeo on June 11, sponsored by Safe Kids McPherson County.

• Commissioners approved an ordinance for reasonable after-hours noise levels at the McPherson County Relay for Life on June 3 and 4.

• Commissioners approved $1,268 in repairs to one of the Park Department’s riding mowers.

• Commissioners approved $1,200  for the replacement of curb and gutters at 310 N. Main.