Members of the Inman Scholarship Club celebrated its first anniversary Wednesday with a banquet and guest speaker Wayne Simien.
The brain child of former Inman High School coach Jonnie Brown, the scholarship club uses community donations to provide financial scholarships for children in and around the Inman area. The applicants are kept anonymous and the scholarships provide financial assistance to individuals and families for education, recreation, health needs, opportunities and incidental expenses.
The organization aims to break down the financial obstacles that often keep students from participating in school activities and summer camps.
Siemin, a University of Kansas basketball stand out and former NBA player, congratulated the scholarship club on its success and its ability to come together to help the community.
“I am really excited to be a part of this,” Simien said. “I can’t tell you how encouraging that it.”
Simien said the concept of taking time to impact another person’s life is a large part of the message he delivers through his Call to Greatness ministry.
As a chaplain for the KU basketball and football teams and as part of his ministry, Simien speaks to students about helping other, paying it forward and doing good in their own community.
“It’s encouraging to see someone take an initiative to help people break out of their chains,” he said.
And the while the organization awards financial scholarships, the impact goes well beyond the pocketbook Simien said referring to past scholarships that opened opportunities for him while still in school.
“Scholarship has so little to do with money and so much to do with opportunity,” he said.
During its first year, the scholarship club accrued $18,000 in donations. The club has awarded 24 scholarships including four to help families with basic Christmas necessities.
For more information about the club or to become a member, log onto the club’s website at