Members of the USD 419 Board of Education approved a $25,000 allowance for summer projects at its May meeting.
Included among the middle school projects are carpet for the fifth and sixth-grade classroom and the office and completion of the cement project at the building's front entrance. At the elementary school, the block window in the 2nd grade classroom will be replaced to improve building safety.
The restoration project for the district buildings will be continued, including tuckpoint and sealer. A bid will be secured for the project. Various painting and small repair projects will complete the summer projects.
In other meeting business, the board accepted several donations. An anonymous donor gave $2,500 for the FBLA trip to the national convention. Sunflower Bank donated $791.70; Canton Service Center provided $50 for the sports camp. The PTO donated $428.48 to the middle school for trauma kits and batteries. Finally, $100 from the Leukemia Society from the Pennies to Patients program; that amount will be split evenly between the middle school and the elementary school.
Graduation: Four diploma presentations by board members other than the president were approved: Christina Kidd to present to Tad Wedel, Julee Colburn to Kyle Colburn, Bruce Bray to Nathan Bray and Lisa Goering to Mandy Goering.
Summer School Action: After an April board motion regarding elementary summer school staffing was rescinded, the following teachers were approved: Pam Chapin, Jennifer Enns, Mary Hawkins, Shawna Hernandez, Sue Unruh and Julie Zimmerman. In a separate vote, Darin Klingensmith was approved as the summer school bus driver. Cheryl Boesker, board clerk, also was approved to oversee the summer lunch program.
Summer school will be offered to high school students with a $100 fee per _ credit hour.
Personnel Decision: The board approved Darin Fisher as the summer weights coach for 2011. Members also approved Mark Becker as the classroom teacher for the 2011 driver education program; Roger Trimmell was approved as instructor for the driving portion of the class. Summer maintenance employees were approved: Leroy Harvey, Jim Oliver, Lyle Silsby and Andrew Westbrook.
Personnel decisions dominated the board action. Resignations were accepted from Mindy Richmond, high school math; Dan Cyre, middle school/high school science; and Feryl Jantz, bus driver.
Staffing for the 2011-12 school year was completed with the following board decisions.
At Canton-Galva High School, contracts will be offered to tenured teachers: Rick Anderson, Jessica Bowman, Bonnie Holoperik, Bill Olson, Lyle Silsby, Valerie Stout, Brenda Vogts and Jennifer Wiens. Teaching contracts were approved for Carol Dreiling, Roberta Hamilton, Jake Sims and Roger Trimmell. Trimmell will be tenured with this contract.
At C-GMS, nine tenured teachers will be offered contracts: Pam Chapin, Barry Fritz, Mary Hawkins, Sammie Hernandez, Tina McMannis, Craig Spencer, Kelly Unruh, Sue Unruh and Kristi Wheeler. A contract was approved for Sue Vogts for 2011-12; she will be tenured with this contract.
At the elementary school, eight tenured teachers will be renewed: Jennifer Enns, Amy Etheridge, Tammy Feil, Shawna Herrera, Lisa Klinkerman, Michelle Smith, Cathy Vogts and Julie Zimmerman. Non-tenured elementary school teachers - Darin Fisher and Sarah Gerhardt - will be offered contracts. A contract for student advocate, Mike Brouillette, was approved.
Contracts for two new teachers were approved: Dale Dvorak will teach math at the high school and Traci Jo Bergmeier will teach middle school math.
Coaching Position: The board also approved fall and winter coaching positions at the high school and the middle school. High school positions: Football - Darin Fisher, head, and Dale Dvorak, assistant; Volleyball - Jake Sims, head, and Jenny Loyd, assistant; Cross Country - Lyle Silsby, head; Boys Basketball - Jake Sims, head; and Roger Trimmell, assistant; Girls Basketball - Mike Brouillette, head, and Dean Scott, assistant. Middle school positions: Football - Mark Becker, head, and Craig Spencer, assistant; Volleyball - Sheri Bressie, head, and Kathy Koehn, assistant; Boys Basketball - Kelly Unruh, head, and Leroy Harvey, assistant; Girls Basketball - Traci Jo Bergmeier, head, and Seth Meyer, assistant.
Reports: Building principal reports were presented.
Jack Koehn, C-GHS principal, shared concerns about the needed upgrade to the Tandberg equipment that runs the ITV programs. He reported that the equipment has not been upgraded since it was installed and all the equipment is reaching life expectancy. A full report will be provided at the June meeting. He also gave information about five students who qualify for summer school work.
Jim Struber, C-GMS principal, reported on preliminary state assessment results as well as the schedule for 2011-12. He announced end-of-the-year activities: the eighth grade promotion ceremony and the band and vocal music concert.
In his superintendent's report, Bill Seidl told board members about the summer lunch program, the unfilled science position in the district and the possible transportation need, a van or bus, in the near future.
Bruce Bray, BOE member, gave a report on the Curriculum Coordinating Committee and the Curriculum Leadership Institute. He also asked the board for input about the board vision for building improvements. Members agreed that the vision should be revisited after new members are seated.