McPherson Hospital announced that it will be doing a renovation and update of its laboratory, thanks to a donation from the estate of Norma Pierce and her husband, Fred.

McPherson Hospital announced that it will be doing a renovation and update of its laboratory, thanks to a donation from the estate of Norma Pierce and her husband, Fred.
The announcement came at a Legacy Group luncheon and induction ceremony Wednesday at the Cedars Conference Center.
Pierce was the former director of the lab, starting her tenure there in 1972.
She retired from the hospital in 1993.
She was described by the people who knew her as being dedicated not only to the hospital and health care field, but the community of McPherson as a whole.
The lab renovation will be broken into a four-year effort.
In 2012, the laboratory will be remodeled. The lab waiting room will be moved to the area adjacent to the lab where the chapel is now. The chapel will be moved across the hall to where the lab waiting room is now.
“It will help improve inpatient flow and patient care,” said Cyril Russell, director of marketing for McPherson Hospital.
Also in year one, the hospital will purchase a LSAT instrument, which will allow technicians to perform some lab tests at bedside when equipment in the lab is down or unavailable; a Vein Viewing System, which is a hand-held infrared device that allows a technician to view veins in the hands or arms; a new fresh frozen plasma thawer, which quickly and safely thaws plasma for emergency use; and a replacement slide stainer.
These improvements will cost about $80,000
In 2013, the laboratory will replace a $82,000 hematology analyzer, which counts cells in blood samples. The lab does about 10,000 cell counts per year.
In 2014, the lab will replace Vitros ECI and Vitros 5.1 machines. These machines, valued at $180,000, test for high cholesterol, thyroid disease, and kidney and liver problems.
In 2015, the lab will replace a centrifuge, which separates whole blood for testing at a cost of $11,871.
Norma Pierce was a charter inductee into the Legacy Group and was given special recognition at the luncheon on Tuesday.
“She always saw the good in people,” her son Mike said in a video presentation at the luncheon, “She was always forward thinking. I wish I had what she had a lot of the time.”
Pierce was noted for her many years as a volunteer in the community, including service with the Red Cross, United Way, YMCA, McPherson Family Life Center and USD 418.
“I think she left her mark on everything she was involved in,” her son said.
The event concluded with the honoring of the new inductees into the Legacy Group — Mike and Diane Rausch.
Those who know the couple refer to them as “Mr. and Mrs. McPherson.”
Born and raised in McPherson, Mike Rausch said his involvement with the community started with his father’s shoe store, Sweeney’s Shoe Store on North Main St.
“He was constantly seeing where he could improve the community and encourage others in sharing his enthusiasm about McPherson,” Mike Rausch said in a written statement. “Saying yes to helping always came naturally.”
Mike Rausch has followed in his father’s footsteps and he said he is dedicated to making McPherson better for those who come after him.
“I truly understand the meaning of passing it on. Assets of a community do not just keep renewing without leadership,” he said. “They need to have the passion of others that strive for improvements and quality beyond the ones who commenced to develop them.”
His son, Jon, said Mike and Diane don’t volunteer for the praise and they were humbled by the recognition.
“He isn’t selfish,” Jon said of his dad in a video prepared for the luncheon, “He just does it because he is passionate about it.”