Mary Kate Blankenship, clinical pharmacist at McPherson Hospital, recently completed a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree from the University of Kansas School of Pharmacy. “We are very proud of Mary Kate’s commitment to furthering her education,” Dr. John Worden, Director of the Pharmacy and a fellow graduate of the KU doctoral program said. “This is a true accomplishment for Mary Kate and an example of her dedication to life-long learning.” To earn her degree, Blankenship spent many hours in didactic learning online.  In the final year of study, she spent several months in externship rotations at other facilities, working with faculty preceptors at sites throughout the state of Kansas. “She completed this time-consuming program in-between her full-time work schedule at the hospital and the busy schedule of her son Christopher who is involved in numerous middle school activities,” Worden added. “In order to stay on top of things she keeps a very organized calendar and to-do list.” “This additional education has provided an added value to our department, the physicians and our patients at McPherson Hospital,” he said.