Thumbs up
Rockin’ with Rockwell rocks Opera House
Volunteers from the McPherson area helped stage “Rockin’ with Rockwell” Saturday at the McPherson Opera House.
The show celebrated the 1950s through song and the paintings of iconic American painter Norman Rockwell.
Living portrayals of Rockwell’s paintings were tied together through a radio interview between Rockwell and broadcasting legend Edward R. Murrow.
Kyle Banman portrayed Rockwell, and  Joe Johnston portrayed Murrow.
Not only was the show a delight for the McPherson audience, but the event raised funds for Hereditary Neurological Disease Centre of Wichita.
Congratulations to the cast and crew for a job well done.

Voters support McPherson     sales tax
McPherson residents passed an important half- cent sales tax during the primary election Tuesday.
The sales tax will replace the tax that has been used to renovate the McPherson Opera House.
It will be used to repair First Street, renovate the Community Building, and improve sidewalks, biking and walking trails in the city.
These three projects are all crucial to the quality of life and future growth of the city.
We applaud the McPherson voters for their dedication to the future success of our community.
Former Mac   resident           donates to KU
Lydia Beebe and Chuck Doyle of San Francisco recently made a $1 million gift to the KU School of Law.
Beebe, who earned her law degree from KU, grew up in McPherson.
Of their gift, $455,000 established the Beebe/Doyle Family Scholarship, and $45,000 will be used for classroom renovation. A $500,000 gift commitment will enhance their scholarship fund.
We congratulate Beebe on her success and honor her for her generous philanthropy to a great state school.

Property taxes stay steady
for 2013
The three main taxing bodies in McPherson County have been able to hold the line on property taxes for their 2013 budgets. The city passed a .004 mill levy decrease. The county is proposing a 1.64 mill increase, and McPherson shools are proposing a 0.023 mills decrease.
Although the county is proposing a slight increase in the mill levy, the county has been able to prevent layoffs and cuts to programs.
In tough economic times our public officials are doing their best to do the most with what they have. Our checkbooks thank you.

Moundridge passes sales tax
Moundridge also passed a sales tax during the McPherson primary.
The one-cent sales tax will be used to lower property tax, purchase street and utility equipment and repair streets.
As Moundridge works to bring more residents to its community, keeping a check on property tax and maintaining infrastructure will both be important.
Moundridge voters have made a positive decision for their community.

Thumbs down
K & O blocks    city streets
The K & O Railroad was acquitted of charges that one of its trains blocked McPherson streets for too long.
The prosecution was unable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt K & O owned the train that was ticketed.
K & O missed the point. By fighting the fine, K & O took the focus off of the real issue, which is trains blocking streets for prolonged periods of time.
Blocking city streets is not only an annoyance to McPherson residents, it is a safety concern. Blocked streets can mean emergency personnel may not be able to take the quickest and most direct route to emergencies.
This case was a just a symptom of a greater problem K & O needs to address.

— Cristina Janney on behalf of The McPherson Sentinel Editorial Board