“The kids' safety is utmost in our minds. We treat them like they're ours because they are ours. Our hearts are broken very much for everyone there.”

— Linda Ferrell, kindergarten teacher at Eisenhower Elementary

“You spend a lot of time with them during the day. They really do become a part of you. Those women really gave their lives for those kids. Every kid is precious and every adult is precious. Our hearts go out to them and we're praying for them.”

— Roberta Burghart, kindergarten teacher at St. Joseph Catholic School

“My own kids are 6 and 7. It's unimaginable to think it could have been them.”

— Jamie Trautwein, para educator and substitute teacher at Washington Elementary

“I think the gun issue is totally out of control. I think there should be a nationwide ban on these type of weapons. ... I do not believe in semi-automatic and automatic guns should be in the hands of normal citizens, they should be for the military. They're killing machines. I just think there's not justification for it, and those parents will never get those kids back.”

— Alex Stephenson, McPherson parent

“When I first heard about it and all I could think about was my little girl and how I wanted to take her out of school and home school her. I think it's an outrage somebody was able to get into the school and do what they did. It was little children. They're innocent and it should never have happened. It still makes me want to cry because I still think of (my daughter) and a lot of them were close to her age. ...”

— Christina Harrell, McPherson parent