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St. Anne’s Episcopal Church will be running their free “tipsy taxi” service for their fifth year this New Years Eve. The taxi provides transport to drivers too intoxicated to safely drive themselves.

Two-by-two, volunteers with a “tipsy taxi” sign plastered to the sides of the vehicle will be available beginning at 10 p.m. New Years Eve.

Laird MacGregor, Reverend for St. Anne, said the service usually has three or four vehicles available. A volunteer will be at the church to take calls. The taxi service has taken between 15 and 30 calls each year.

MacGregor said the inspiration for the “tipsy taxi” comes from seeing similar services provided by bars and other local services. With the church providing the service, MacGregor said the tipsy taxi provides a wonderful ministry opportunity.

What this means for you If you need free transport in McPherson during New Years Eve, you can flag down any vehicles with a “tipsy taxi” sign, or call the church for transport at 620-241-0298.