Community greets first baby of new year

Congratulations to Sarah Reeves, Shane Gepner and extended family on the arrival of baby Isaac Lee Gepner.

Isaac was the first baby born at McPherson Hospital in the new year. He was born at 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Isaac was seven pounds, 13 ounce and was 20 inches long.

This is the couple’s first child together.

Thanks also go to the McPherson Hospital Volunteers for their presentation of a gift basket to the family.

Local businesses work together to boost sales

Many McPherson businesses reported significant increases in sales during this holiday season.

Thank you to all the local residents who choose to shop local this holiday season.

McPherson Main Street, the McPherson Chamber of Commerce and the McPherson Convention and Visitors Bureau offered a variety of events downtown that helped draw traffic to the business district.

Local businesses have made extra efforts to cooperate and support each other to the benefit of the entire community.

We wish our loca businesses continued success in the new year.

Woman researches Maxwell history

Since 1951, the Maxwell Wildlife Refuge, near Canton, has provided home and shelter to a number of native Kansan wildlife, including bison and elk. But the history behind the creation of the refuge, including the background of the family for which it was named, was largely a mystery.

McPherson resident Miriam Worden took un researching the history of the refuge and the Maxwell family.

Worden dove into the family history, digging back through Kansas archives from the 1800s, as well as contacting modern-day descendants of the family.

She has persevered an important part of the community’s history, and we thank her for her efforts.

Thumbs sideways

United Way still seeking donations

The McPherson County United Way ended its regular campaign season having raised more than $198,000.

Thank you to all who have donated thus far to the campaign.

The bad news is the agency is below its $225,000 goal. United Way will likely extend its campaign in order to raise the remaining amount.

The agency needs the funds to fully support the 22 agencies it funded last year plus the two additional agencies that have requested funding for 2013.

If you have not done so, please donate today. Donations can be sent to United Way of McPherson County, P.O. Box 55, McPherson, KS 67460 or can be made online at

Congress comes to fiscal cliff deal, but doesn’t resolve budget issues

Congress came to agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff, but the measure was merely a bandage on a broken budget. Middle class Americans will not see their income taxes increase thanks to the last-minute deal.

However, they will see their paychecks decrease.

A temporary reduction in the payroll tax was allowed to expire.

Although Americans could not expect this reduction from Social Security payments to last forever, it will mean less money in the pockets of average consumers in the coming year. Congress did not allow major cuts to go into effect for many federal agencies. However, they have only postponed the difficult decisions on cuts for the new Congress that will be seated this month.

The middle class did not take as hard of it as it could have, but no one really came out a winner from the deal either.

It is politics as usual in D.C.

— Cristina Janney for The McPherson Sentinel Editorial Board