School: Bethany College
Year: Sophomore
Field:  Art therapy
Family: Michael and Pamela Ramsey (parents), Grant Ramsey and Eliesa Webb (siblings), Neil and Bernadette Austin (grandparents), Lois Ramsey, Roger Ramsey (grandparents)
Hometown: Garden City
Activities: College Choir, Chamber Choir, Art Club (VP), Bethany Ambassador
Interests: Ceramics, sculpture (anything artsy), fashion, singing, nature (camping, hiking, you name it), yoga
School highlights: Acceptance into Bethany! Winning Best of Design in the Messiah Art Show, singing a solo in the Messiah rehearsals, singing a solo in choir's final concert
Post-graduation goals: After Bethany on to grad school! Not sure where yet. I want to receive a degree in art therapy and then practice in either Colorado or New Mexico (unless I find somewhere I like better).