McPherson USD 418 will not need to make up class time due to snow days.

McPherson USD 418 will not need to make up class time due to snow days.

Classes resumed today and full-day schedules will fill the remainder of the week.

Tuesday was a flexible work day for staff. This was switched for Friday, which was originally scheduled as a flexible work day. Students do not attended class on flexible work days.

This changed schedule will allow the district to still meet the minimum 1,116 hours of instructional time per year.

"Right now we're very sure we'll not have to make up any school days due to snow," associate superintendent Chris Ruder said.

In two weeks, students have had four snow days, including Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday. The Thursday and Friday cancellation were called in the afternoon the day before.

"We knew conditions were going to continue to get worse and worse, and we were getting lots of snow," Ruder said.

Many roads were clear by the end of the weekend, but Monday was canceled based on weather forecasts. Although snowfall wasn't as severe as expected Monday, by the time Tuesday rolled around, road conditions were deemed unsafe again. Ruder said district employees were out as early as 4 a.m. Tuesday and did not think roads were safe.

"We obviously want kids to be in school every day, but we want them to be safe," Ruder said. "Student safety is our first concern."

But as safety no longer becomes an issue, the district faces several weeks of inconsistent class time.

Parent-teacher conferences are next week, meaning up to two days off for students. March 18-22 is spring break. The following week will include only four days of classes, as buildings are vacant for Good Friday.

"March is already a pretty choppy month," Ruder said. "We'll do our best to get them going again. Our staff is really good. We'll sure take advantage of the days students are in session."
A number of events were rescheduled in the last week, including substate basketball, plays and music concerts. But the weather seems to be improving.

"Things are getting better and better by the hour," Ruder said Tuesday. "I'm confident the roads will be good for (Wednesday) and the rest of the week."

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