A new horticultural shop was approved Monday by the McPherson County planning commission for operation, despite some criticisms from local residents.

A new horticultural shop was approved Monday by the McPherson County planning commission for operation, despite some criticisms from local residents.
The new garden center and nursery facility will be at 799 Old Highway 81, and may provide additional seasonal services, including using the property as a site for weddings or anniversaries. The owners of the business will be Michael and Arlene Daniel.
A number of oil wells are on the site, owned by nearby residents. There is only one access point to those wells, which is owned by McPherson County Public Works.
Some of those residents attended the board meeting Monday, and expressed their concerns about accessibility to those wells.
“You’re gonna have an 18-wheeler trying to make its way around this place’s parking lot,” said one concerned local. “Neither we nor Mr. Daniel want that.”
Some residents also expressed concerns about water use, saying their water levels may be affected by the amount of water used on the nursery.
Bob Carson, chairman of the planning board, said the water use isn’t controlled by the planning board, and the jurisdiction for that concern lies with the Division of Water Resources.
The board ultimately approved the plat for the nursery, provided the entrance point is moved 300 feet from the intersection of Comanche and Old Highway 81, due to traffic concerns.
Kenny Cook, planning and zoning administrator, said some conflict may still exist over the site’s accessibility.
“We’ll more than likely see them using the same entry point,” he said.
Cook said the entrance is planned to be built to the same size as a normal county road, allowing for two-way traffic.
The proposal will go before McPherson County Commissioners on April 2.

NCRA approved for rail spurs
The board also approved a request by the National Cooperative Refinery Association to reclassify the zoning of an area near the refinery from an A-2 agricultural district to an M-2 Heavy Industrial District, and authorized NCRA to build four tracks on the location.
The land was purchased by NCRA within the last year, and the tracks will be for the refinery’s Coker project, which is expected to increase efficiency at the refinery.
A local farmer expressed some concerns with noise, saying the current track and the noise it generates has negatively affected his property value, and makes it difficult to sleep at night.
NCRA officials at the hearing said while nighttime traffic may increase, the normal operating hours of the facility will be during the day.
The board approved the special-use case, and NCRA now awaits county commission approval on April 2.

Dog kennel      approved, but needs more space
The board continued the hearing concerning the construction of a dog kennel and training facility, which will be southeast of Lindsborg, across the street from the Lindsborg Golf Course.
A hearing was conducted on Dec. 17, but the item was tabled until March.
The kennel would be operated by Jeff Patrick, owner of the residence and the planned site for the kennel. Patrick said he’s already received a lot of interest in the kennel and grooming services he’s looking to provide.
“There is a need for the service (that) I want to provide the community,” Patrick said.
The board expressed concerns over a zoning regulation, which requires the kennel to be at least 300 feet from adjoining property lines. Patrick’s planned site does not meet that requirement.
Patrick said he was part of a trust that shared the surrounding land he would require to meet those requirements, but would need to discuss the purchase of land with the trust.
The board approved the case, provided Patrick could acquire the extra land necessary to comply with the 300-foot regulation.

In other business:
• The board approved the construction of a township storage building for Little Valley Township. The building will be used for storage of structural and other materials. There were no significant concerns expressed about the construction of the building. The storage facility awaits approval by the township board and approval by the county commissioner on April 2.