This is the third installment in a series introducing 2013 local election matchups.

Age: 68

Education: BA business administration, certified Industrial Engineer retired, last position: division president Exide Corporation

Experience: Elected to city council four times.  Lindsborg, Bristol Tenn., Inman two terms industrial development, McPherson County and Bristol, Tenn.

Active participant in the Kansas League of Municipalities

1. Why are you running for a position on local government?

I currently serve on the city council and find the process of city government satisfying.  The position of mayor must be filled as the current mayor (John O’Brien) is retiring from city government. He has been a great mentor.

2. What do you think the role of local government should be?

The role of local government should not interfere with the quality of life of the voters. Local government should only enhance the experience of living in Inman. Unfortunately, this also involves city taxes but those only go to pay for services desired by people that prefer to live in governed cities.

3. What would be your goals if elected to a position on city government?

The next set of goals for the city of Inman will be determined by the council or other interested citizens and not left up to only one person.  However, primary goals will always be: streets, water, trash, sewer, sanitation. This involves planning for the future and making both budgetary and physical plans.

4. What do you think is the greatest challenge facing your community at this time?  How would you address that challenge?

Challenges for Inman will be securing water rights for future use, increasing the sewage treatment facility, street maintenance and replacement and maintaining our excellent city crew who actually does the work.