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Bethany hosts soloists, children learn about spirituals

Four American Spiritual Ensemble soloists, who were in Lindsborg for the annual Messiah Festival, led a group of about 770 third- through sixth-grade students from nine local schools in a workshop Monday.

The professional singers demonstrated how to sing various classic spirituals while also telling their historical origins.

This kind of participatory learning is important for students, especially regarding their own country’s history. They even sung spirituals that had been sung by children their age near the beginning of the U.S.

Nice work, Bethany College, for hosting the soloists during the Messiah Festival and using them for a valuable learning opportunity.

Lindsborg adds another tradition

Lindsborg residents have adopted a Swedish tradition in the last three years that has been part of Swedish culture for many years.

Kudos to you for diving further into the concept of “little Sweden” and given residents and visitors something to smile about.

MASWU reuses waste for compost

Everything seems more expensive these days, so when something is offered for free, it raises eyebrows.

We are glad the McPherson Area Solid Waste Utility takes customer waste, such as grass clippings, and turns it into something that can make the community more colorful. We acknowledge the work you put into making that possible and thank you for the opportunity to be good stewards of our resources.

USD 418 hosts BOE candidate forum

USD 418 hosted a Board of Education candidate forum Thursday. The community was invited to attend in order to learn more about who they can vote for in Tuesday’s elections.

The questions asked of the candidates were relevant and helpful to further evaluate the district’s options for future leadership.

McPherson High staff, volunteers pitch in

The first week of the Spring sports season got fully underway this week,  though wintery weather forced a number of postponements, which made an already busy week even busier.

With a soccer tournament, a tennis tournament and doubleheaders for both softball and baseball to coordinate, MHS staff members and volunteers have done a masterful job of ensuring everything went smoothly.

Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Thumbs sideways

USD 418 looks to dispose of chemicals

During this week’s USD 418 Board of Education meeting, Director of Operations Sheldon Anderson discussed how the district plans to dispose of 2,000 pounds of old chemicals.

This hazardous waste was accumulated during the space race and has not been properly disposed of since that time.

It would have been wise to take care of it sooner, but we are glad the district is looking to channel some of waste through McPherson Area Solid Waste Utility to reduce costs.

Bond issue meetings sparsely attended

The editorial board is in support of the McPherson USD 418 school bond issue. It will help the district complete some necessary maintenance and renovations for the next 20 years.

It is disappointing, however, to realize the low turnout for these meetings. We hope this is not a foreshadowing of lower voter turnout Tuesday.

— The McPherson Sentinel Editorial Board