In an effort to prevent further spread of emerald ash borer in Kansas, the Kansas Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Agriculture will set 441 traps to detect whether the plant pest is present.

Kansas is participating in the USDA survey to monitor known emerald ash borer infestations and detect unknown beetle populations.

“Emerald ash borer was detected in Wyandotte County in August 2012, but we are hopeful that we do not find any additional infestations in the state” said Laurinda Ramonda, KDA state cooperative agriculture pest survey coordinator. “These traps are an important monitoring tool. In the event of infestation, early detection would help KDA limit the spread of emerald ash borer.”

KDA will set up 65 traps in nine counties, including Butler, Jewell, Leavenworth, Neosho, Osborne, Pottawatomie, Russell, Shawnee and Smith. The rest are being put up by USDA. The purple, prism-shaped traps are coated with nontoxic glue. While they pose no risk to humans, pets or wildlife, the glue can be messy if touched. Kansans are encouraged to report downed traps to the Kansas Department of Agriculture at 785-862-2180.