The Legislative Event for Advocacy in Faith (LEAF) Team met Aug. 15 in Topeka.

The Legislative Event for Advocacy in Faith (LEAF) Team met Aug. 15 in Topeka.  Business included plans for the Sunday evening program and for the Monday session which will be held Feb. 9 and 10, 2014.  
The 2013 focus is on immigration and the keynote speaker will be Rev. Jack Knox, AZ.  Rev. Knox is a retired Mennonite minister who has moved to AZ and has participated in the Migrant Trail Walk.  Rev. Knox will give the keynote address, lead a workshop and a vigil at the event.   
Other speakers will be Bishops/Representatives from several denominations who will speak on their respective church's stance on immigration.  Another segment will be talking points which discuss current issues before the Kansas Legislature.  
Workshops will vary from requirements for U.S. citizenship to voting rights to helping immigrants assimilate into US culture, to the death penalty.
Kansas legislators are invited to a box luncheon Monday where they visit with constituents from their respective districts.  
LEAF is an ecumenical event sponsored by United Methodist Women Kansas East and West Conferences, Church Women United of Kansas and Kansas Christians United
Attending were Anita Jost and Windom and Rose Roberts of Newton.