A look a the things we liked - and didn't like - for the previous week.

Thumbs up
Emergency personnel respond to suspected grenade
We had a request this week from local resident Judy Shultz for a thumbs up to the McPherson Fire Department, McPherson EMS and McPherson Police Department.
On Oct. 10, Shultz was cleaning her garage. She found what she believed to be a grenade. She did not know if the grenade was live, so she called 911.
Before she could get off the phone, emergency responders were at her home to assist.
The item turned out to be an inactive practice grenade, but Shultz said she greatly appreciated the emergency personnel’s quick response.

Oktoberfest raises money for St. Joseph school
Thank you to all who came out to support St. Joseph Catholic School and its Oktoberfest fundraiser. The students raised enough money to send their principal up on the roof.
The evening also provided some tasty German food and a fun carnival for the children.

MPD named victor in Battle of the Badges
After a delay in reporting results because of some misplaced ballets, the American Red Cross named the McPherson Police Department as the winner of the Battle of the Badges blood drive.
Each blood donor during the McPherson blood drive in August could vote for one emergency agency.
The police department was victorious with 111 votes, with McPherson EMS scoring 60 and the fire department coming a close third with 58.

Hess honored with President’s Award; Reese as outgoing pres.
Congratulations go to Gary Hess of Edward Jones for being honored with the McPherson Chamber of Commerce President’s Award.
Hess received the award at the Chamber After Hours & Expo Thursday night.
We would also like to thank Dell Reese of Dirt Cheap Banners for his service as president of the Chamber during the last year and give our support to Dr. Brandon Trost of Integrated Health & Wellness as he takes over as president for the coming year.

Girls’ tennis wins regionals
We give a thumbs up this week to the McPherson High School girls’ tennis team for winning the 4A Regional last week.
The team, which included Katlyn Riefschneider, Ellea Ediger, Taylor Swatzendruber, Brooke Bate, Camry Holle and Emily Ediger, are in state play today.
Watch our sports section for results.

Thumbs sideways

Marketplace website difficult to navigate
The health care marketplace opened to the uninsured Oct. 1, but there have been some glitches.
People have had difficulties with the marketplace site moving slowly and with page crashes as they try to sign up for marketplace insurance.
We don’t think the baby should be thrown out with the bath water. Insuring more Americans is a laudable goal, but the feds need to work on making the marketplace site easier to navigate.

Gov’t shutdown ends
The federal government shutdown finally ended this week.
However, not much was accomplished compared to the losses. About 800,000 federal workers were off work without pay. Government agencies were closed. National parks and monuments were closed. Overall, the shutdown cost the U.S. economy $24 billion, according to Beth Ann Bovino, an economist at Standard & Poor’s.
All of this and the government will only stay open until Jan. 15 without another deal on the budget.