The month of November has seen a steady stream of burglary reports in both McPherson City and McPherson County.

The month of November has seen a steady stream of burglary reports in both McPherson City and McPherson County.
Since Nov. 5, the McPherson County Sheriff’s Department has received eight burglary reports from throughout the county. The McPherson Police Department has, since Nov. 1, received 14 burglary reports.
The crimes have ranged from being as small as inexpensive items stolen from unlocked cars to a storage trailer having its padlock cut off for entry, and a 250 to 300 pound irrigation motor stolen from a farm near Lindsborg.
With many people traveling to visit family and friends during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, McPherson County Sheriff’s Captain Doug Anderson said one of the best things people could do to help deter burglary was to make sure there were no external signs of being away from home for an extended period.
“Stop newspaper and mail delivery,” Anderson said. “If you’re expecting packages, ask your neighbors to pick them up.”
Anderson said people should leave lights on, or set them to work on timers in order to make it look like someone’s at home.
“Let your neighbors know you’re going to be gone,” Anderson said, “and look out for your own neighbors. If you see a strange vehicle or person in the area, document it.”
McPherson Police Investigations Captain Kevin McKean said it was important for people to remember to lock their cars, and never leave valuable items plainly visible inside.
“If you have valuables like a purse or expensive items,” McKean said, “you should put them in the trunk.”
Anderson said that, in case of a burglary, documentation of property was key to recovery or restitution.
“Be sure to write down the serial numbers on your important items and store them,” Anderson said. “If you document your house inside and out, your insurance agent can put that in your file.”
McKean said only a small percentage of people actually write down serial numbers.
“With guns bought at retail locations,” McKean said, “if the owner doesn’t have the serial number, usually the store they bought it from has a record of the transaction including the serial number.”
McKean said the easier the item is to identify as yours, the easier recovery could be.
“An item might turn up in a pawn shop, and even if it matches the description of a stolen item, it can be difficult to prove it’s the victim’s item without the serial number,” McKean said. “Tools are commonly stolen items, and we have a lot of people who scratch or scribe their initials on them, which makes them much easier to recognize as theirs if they turn up.”
McPherson Police Detective Mikel Golden, who had just located a number of items from a recent burglary in a pawn shop by serial number, said it felt great to be able to get a victim’s items back for them.
“The biggest thing to learn is to keep those serial numbers,” Golden said.
Anderson said those with information about any crime in McPherson County can call McPherson County Crime Stoppers at 241-1122 or toll free at (800) 241-8118, or text any tip to 274637.
“The information can be given anonymously,” Anderson said. “The system doesn’t allow us to see who the source is, but we can still have a two-way conversation with you.”