The McPherson Dog Park Association has reached and exceeded its fundraising goal toward building a new dog park in the city.

The McPherson Dog Park Association has reached and exceeded its fundraising goal toward building a new dog park in the city.
The group was trying to raise $25,000 to match an earlier $25,000 anonymous donation that had been made to the city to build a dog park.
The new dog park will be the only public place in McPherson dogs will be allowed off leash.
The new park will be near the corner of Avenue A and Centennial Road on city land near the city’s future police and fire training facilities.
The city already has approved the required zoning and special-use permit, but the group will have to obtain several other permits, including an erosion permit, before work can begin.
Traci Parrish, group president, said work on the project should begin this spring, and the park should open some time this summer.
The park will be located on three acres and will include small-dog and large-dog areas. Drinking water for pets will be available onsite, as well as parking.
The group hopes to eventually add a water feature at the park.
Initially the group will focus on seeding grass, building parking and installing fencing.
The association is still accepting donations that will go toward equipment and other amenities.
The city of McPherson has agreed to mow the park, as it will have to have a mower regularly at the site to mow the training grounds.
The dog park association will take responsibility for cleaning the park and keeping up landscaping and flower beds.
The dog park project met with criticism in its early planning stages as the city tried to find a place to locate the park that would not offend neighbors. Some McPherson residents also expressed concerns city funds would be used to build and maintain the park.
All the funds for the park thus far have been privately raised, and Parrish said she hoped to keep the city’s costs at a minimum.
Mayor Tom Brown again expressed his support of the project Thursday.
“I think [the Dog Park Association] has done a good job to date, and we will keep moving forward with work this spring and summer,” Brown said. “I think this will be at a good location near motels, and ultimately we will attract people moving from a north climate to a south climate who will stop here because we have a dog park.”
Jerri Wall Yeargan, McPherson resident, has three dogs — a pug, a lab/golden mix and a Pekingese. She has been a supporter of and donor to the dog park project.
“Our dogs need to get out and run,” she said. “They need to get off leash. It is important for their health and well being. We are extremely excited.”
Send donations to the Dog Park Association at PO Box 1302, McPherson, KS 67460. The group has a fund with the McPherson County Community Foundation, and donations are tax deductible.