Position for which you are running: Kansas State Senate District 35

Age: 38

Education: The Supreme Court of the State of Kansas, Certificate of Qualification: Municipal Judge; Harvard School of Law, Certificate of Qualification: Program on Negotiation; MIT, Certificate of Qualification: Program on Negotiation; University of Notre Dame, Certificate of Qualification: Program on Negotiation; Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Institute, Certificate of Qualification: Labor Arbitrator; Midland Mediation Services, Certificate of Qualification: Mediation; The Kansas Leadership Center, Alumni of the Statehouse Leadership Class; Hutchinson Community College, AS Degree: Pre-Law 

Occupation: I work four jobs:

Kansas House of Representatives District 113, 2012-Present Municipal Judge in Ellsworth County, 2009-Present Chief Negotiator, 2006-present Compass Minerals/Lyons Salt, 1994-Present
Experience: I have been in the Kansas House of Representatives for three sessions, a Kansas judge for five years and a negotiator for eight years. I also work in arbitration and mediation.
I currently serve on the following Kansas House Legislative Committees: Judiciary Committee, Energy and Environment Committee (2013 only), Health and Human Services Committee, Vision 2020 Committee, Military Veterans and Homeland Security.
I also serve on the following Caucuses: Vice-Chair of the House Rural Caucus, Vice-Chair of the MS House Caucus, member of Religious Liberty House Caucus.
Appointments to the 2013 Federal Relations Task Force and the 2013 International Relations Task Force for work in Washington, D.C. — by the Speaker of the Kansas House.
Awarded “Legislative Support Person of the Year Award 2013” — Kansas EMS Association for work on EMS legislation.

What differentiates you from other candidates?
I am:

The ONLY candidate with a proven conservative Republican voting record in the Kansas House of Representatives. The ONLY candidate that is a legislator. The ONLY candidate with an “A” NRA rating and spotless second amendment voting record. The ONLY candidate with extensive negotiating experience; I used this in the Kansas House to get the best outcomes for our district. The ONLY candidate with the Kansas Livestock Association endorsement for working closely with farming and rural families as Vice-Chair on the Rural House Caucus and for my voting record. The ONLY candidate that is a Kansas Judge. What would you do to address state shortfalls in revenue?
Cut fat, reduce spending and size of government. Increasing taxes on Kansans is NOT the answer. On House Judiciary, I supported structure reforms that make it easier for businesses to locate or remain in Kansas  — meaning more jobs for our families — and lager revenue streams. We must also think in new ways. I spearheaded legislation in 2014 making a port authority in my House District (The fifth port in Kansas dating back to our state’s beginning). This Kansas transportation hub will increase employment opportunities and promote economic stability. It is outside-the-box thinking like this that will fight state shortfalls.

What tax policy do you support?
I support continued tax cuts; it is not the citizens of Kansas’ fault that our government overspends. It is our job to be fiscally responsible to our constituents. I signed the tax pledge simply because Kansans are not the “Bank of Kansas,” they are the citizenry I work for. I have kept my promise to support and vote for initiatives that will help provide property tax relief for homeowners across Kansas. My work in the Kansas House has cut millions in taxpayer burdens ($78M) and I will bring that same level of fight as your State Senator in the 35th.

What would you do to support job growth in the state?
While the rest of the State of Kansas has enjoyed a .5 percent job growth, my District in the Kansas House has seen double our state’s job growth numbers. I look forward to bringing that same proven level of success to the 35th Senate District. I truly believe we have the tools in the 35th District to get the economy moving should our Kansas economy stumble again. I want to use the same innovative tools I used in the 113th to create such a sustainably strong economy in the 35th that we will be able to help our fellow neighboring Kansans prosper.

What are your views on the governance and financial support of education in the state?
I believe in local control when it comes to governance and financial support of education in Kansas. Hands-down, local communities know best. The 113th House District (which is a part of the 35th) sent me to Topeka to fight for less government spending, lower taxes, individual freedom, and less government intrusion into our lives. To me this question/answer squarely falls within the core values of central Kansans.
My entire platform is on www.christmannforkansas.com. I invite you to please look, or look at my Facebook page, where I chronicled my three sessions in the Kansas House of Representatives.